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Week 5 - Term 3, 2013

Lost Property


Year 12 Music Showcase
Fathers and Children Camp
Fathers and Children Breakfast
Spring Fair Newsletter
Spring Fair Unlimited Rides
Spring Fair Helpers

Canteen Roster

Canteen Roster for Week 6, Term 3 is as follows:

Monday 19th August – Sally Bowden and Suzie Harris
Tuesday 20th August – Joy Whyburn and Julie Fill
Wednesday 21st August – Rachelle Tomlinson and Jacqui Eccleston
Thursday 22nd August –  Margaret Brice and David Rowe
Friday 23rd August – Katrina King and Noreen Delahunty

Lost Property

 Sun Hats / Dress Hats
Jnr. School Girls Dress Hat
Small sun hat marked ‘Fortey’
Green Sun hat marked ‘Charli’
Green Sun Hat marked ‘Jesse Hood’ – past student
Blue Sun Hat, inside rim torn out – marked ‘Mark’? Surname illegible.
Small Sun Hat, marked Bauer / Patrick Yates / 2G
JS Sun Hat marked ‘James Frazer’
Green Sun Hat marked ER
Jnr School Girls Dress Hat marked ‘TR”
Faded green sun hat – name illegible
Dress Hat marked – ‘Sam’
Green Sun Hat marked – SH / HS
Green Sun Hat marked – 3S

Pencil Cases
Pink mesh pencil case with purple zipper
Black pencil case with white spots
Floral rip curl pencil case
Black lap top case

School Uniform
Girls Size 16 Green Blazer marked “Tahlia Petrinovic” – past student
Size 20 Green Jumper
Size 16 Green Jumper
Size 6 Green Fleecy with name “Harrison”
Girls Blazer – marked with Ashley McGee
Jumper – marked Jacob Hughes
Size 4 Green Jumper
Track top marked ‘Samantha Dean’ (past student)
Size 6 green jumper
1 X small green glove
Green headband
CCGS Scarf
Green fleece marked ‘Sophia’

Sports Clothing & Bags
Size M Track Pants marked “Lachlan Herbert” – Past student
Sports Bag – Size 10 Acacia T-shirt, 2 x pairs green shorts, 1 eye lash curler, 1 sun hat
Sports bag – Size 14 Ironbark T-shirt, 3 x pairs green shorts, 1 pair black canvas shoes, 1 pair Nike runners
Sports bag with a “JOSHUA” keyring tag – Green Shorts, Acacia T-shirt, Runners
Plastic bag with Blue Sports shorts, Size 14 Grevillea T-Shirt, Black/Red Runners
Black back pack with Adidas rugby boots, jeans, black canvas runners, t-shirt
Size 10 Track Top marked “Joshua”
Size S Track Top with Gizelle and Smith
Size 12 Quicksilver Shorts
Bag for Head Gear
White towel with pink bunnies
Size 14 Track Pants
Black Adidas Backpack with trainers and sports uniform
Red Head gear
Foam Sling
Green shorts marked “Max”
Size 14 blue sweat shirt
Green sports bag – with grevillea shirt and PE gear
Track top – Marked with ‘Harrison Jack’ and Connor Wilk
Green Fleece Marked – Max Silvey
Size 10 Green track pants with ‘Jones’ crossed out
Size L Green Hoodie (GAP)
Hockey Stick with green handle
‘Grays’ Black mesh bag with red vest

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