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Week 5 - Term 3, 2013: JUNIOR SCHOOL

The Head of Junior School – Mrs Linda WebbTournament of Minds
100 Days of Kindergarten
Environmental Leadership Day
Grandparents' Day
Prep Athletics Carnival
Junior School Production
SRC News
Schools Tree Planting Day
Lost & Found
Student News
House Points
Upcoming Events

As Head of the Junior School, I am very impressed with the passion and enthusiasm displayed by the staff to provide the Junior School students with a dynamic and exciting education. We strive every day to ensure our students receive quality education in a caring and safe environment. We believe every student is special and unique and we strive to develop all students' individual talents and interests. It is very exciting the number of excellent initiatives made by staff to ensure the students K-6 receive the best education possible.

TOURNAMENT OF MINDS – initiative – excellent extension activity for Years 5 and 6

This year we are entering a Year 5/6 team in the Tournament of the Minds (TOM).

TOM is an international program designed to give participants the opportunity to participate in creative activities involving stimulating open-ended challenges which demand experimentation and reward divergent thinking. Students do all of these things together with the six other people that make up their team.

Last week interested students in Years 5 and 6 auditioned for a place on the TOM team. An extremely talented pool of students auditioned and the decision was indeed difficult.

The following students will participate in TOM this year:

Matthew Coney, Bailey Eccleston, Ethan Gilder, Timothy Duff, Ellie Incoll, Charles Crowley and Rory Hingerty.

Special thanks to Wilma Vallis & Vanessa James for initiating and coordinating this exciting new extension program for Years 5 and 6.
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"100 Days of Kindergarten"- exciting initiative for Kindergarten and Year 6 buddies

Yesterday Kindergarten completed 100 days at school. To celebrate this milestone their Year 6 Buddies were given a brief to design engaging booklets of maths and literacy tasks based on the concept of “100”. On Tuesday the 13th of August, Kindergarten students and their Year 6 buddies spent a fun packed afternoon outside in the sun working together. It was fantastic to see the Year 6 students leading their Kindergarten buddies through a range of activities. At the end of the day balloons, booklets and certificates were distributed to our wonderful Kindies!






Special thanks to Mr Watman for the wonderful job he did initiating and coordinating this activity, Year 6 buddies, Kindergarten and Year 6 staff. This is one of a number of fantastic activities Year 6 have undertaken with their buddies since the Buddy  program was introduced at the beginning of the year.
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TransitionICT Senior School teacher, Mrs Brynes, team- teaching our Year 6 students a new ICT program

Quest Atlantis is an exciting new ICT initiative for Year 6. This year all Year 6 students have had the opportunity to engage in a new and exciting learning experience.

Quest Atlantis is an online 3D learning environment where students undertake various missions and quests that support various curriculum outcomes.

Our students spent the first term of this year familiarising themselves within the Quest Atlantis world. This included learning the navigation skills as well as guidelines for appropriate online behaviour.

Last term, they started their first “real” mission, heading back into medieval times to help a queen and her people from being over-run by Trolls in the Battle of Wits!

“The Battle of Wits is a comprehension unit; the purpose is to give students practice in engaging the features of complex texts. Wrapped within a storyline of a medieval kingdom struggling to withstand a hostile takeover by the king of the Confusion Trolls, players arrive to help Queen Vague and her subjects, who have lost their ability to read mindfully.

Students grapple with trolls trying to confuse them with sophisticated vocabulary, subtle author's intentions, dense meanings hidden in figurative language, and elaborate structures requiring critical reasoning skills.” [source: www.atlantisremixed.org]

Special thanks to Mrs Byrnes for the excellent job she has done initiating, coordinating and teaching our Year 6 students Quest Atlantis program with our Year 6 teachers.
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Environmental Leadership Day – another exciting leadership initiative for our Year 6 students

Last Wednesday,  Kathryn Marshall, Sabine Hudson, Luis Esteban, Maddi McBride and Sarah DeBock attended a Leadership Day coordinated by the Gosford City Council, Wyong Council and Remondis. The theme of the day concentrated on waste removal, composting, worm farming and recycling. Special thanks to Mrs Boys-Smith for initiating and coordinating this exciting leadership opportunity for Year 6 students and Mr Esteban for escorting the students on the day. Below is a message from the organisers and a report from Kathryn Marshall.

Message from the organisers

"Thanks to everyone for attending Leadership Day yesterday. It was so amazing to have all of the students so well behaved and attentive. A huge thank you to Mark from Rumbalara, Lisa from Kariong Eco Gardens, Linda, Maureen and Janice from OCCI and Michelle from Remondis!! Without the support of amazing environmental leaders like these guys we wouldn’t be able to teach the younger generations how important the environment is. Thank you to all the teachers who bought the students along and helped with all the activities!! Congratulations to all students for being the best school environmental leaders ever!!"

Report from Kathryn Marshall

On Wednesday 7th August Kathryn Marshall, Luis Esteban, Maddi McBride, Sarah DeBock and Sabine Hudson attended a leadership day about ‘rubbish’ and where rubbish goes. This day was held by Gosford City Council, Wyong Council and Remondis. We learnt the secrets to composting, worm farming, recycling and marine debris. The acronym “A.D.A.E.M” is helpful to remember if creating a compost.  A: avoid placing meat or dairy products in your compost, D: need good drainage, A: add air to the compost so it doesn’t smell by turning it with a garden fork, M: moisten well. Did you know that food and garden waste accounts for half of what households throw in the bin. These materials can be used to make compost which can benefit your garden. Thank you to Mrs Boys-Smith for organising our group to attend the Environment Leadership Day and Mr Esteban for assisting us on the day. Remember everything we have comes from Earth. We only have one planet Earth so let’s not waste it!
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Grandparents' Day – this Friday, 16th August. 478 grandparents are attending!!

I am really looking forward to Grandparents' Day this Friday. Much planning has gone into this event to ensure all students’ grandparents have a wonderful time. Grandparents will be served a catered morning tea, while being entertained by students K-6. There will be an opportunity for them to visit classrooms and to buy library books.
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Athletics Carnival – outstanding two days for our Prep students

The Prep carnival was once again a wonderful success. Every student participated in the carnival, with so many students "trying their best". I was very moved with the great sportsmanship displayed by the students. Well done students!! Special thanks to Mr Geddes, Mr McAtamney and Mrs Davies for the outstanding job they did coordinating the carnival, staff for their hard work in the many jobs they did, the students for their excellent behaviour, enthusiasm and great sportsmanship and the parents and grandparents for your wonderful support.

Special congratulations to Acacia, the overall winners with 584 points, Nicholii came 2nd with 554 points, Ironbark 3rd on 533 points and Grevillia 4th with 531 points.






Linda Webb – Head of Junior School
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Junior School Production –"Cinderella Rocks"- only one week away!

The JSPA production of "Cinderella Rocks" is only one week away! In this modern twist of the well-loved classic fairytale, Rocky (formerly Prince Charming) is a disillusioned rock star who wants to escape the paparazzi, live a normal life and find the girl of his dreams.

Tickets have been selling fast for the night performances, next Thursday 22nd August and Friday 23rd August, so make sure you book now to experience this magical event. Please contact the Box Office (Evelyn and Del at Reception) for bookings – ph 4367 6766.
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SRC News

Being part of the first ever Junior School SRC has been a real privilege.

We have worked as a team to be a voice for our classmates.

The projects we have been working on are:

  • More handball courts
  • Handball rules to encourage fair play
  • Using the chess equipment again in the Prep playground.
  • Making the playground safer for everyone
  • Awards for considerate playground behaviour.

The process of electing the next SRC will begin this week. We strongly recommend standing for election.

Candidates will need to present a short speech to their class explaining why they would be an effective representative. Elections will take place early in Week 6.

Dylan Howard &  Isaac Chase
Publicity Officers
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Schools Tree Planting Day

On Friday the 9th August the rain clouds disappeared and the sun shone brightly on an enthusiastic group of students ready to plant trees to improve the natural environment at Central Coast Grammar School.  A selection of native plants, flaxes and grasses were selected by our talented grounds staff. Students gathered around Matt Riddle (Grounds person) and listened intently as he explained how to remove the plants from the pots and position them in the holes. Students then covered the holes with soil and mulch. The K – 2 students took much pleasure in watering all the plants. Next time you are near the tennis courts or temporary music rooms take a look at the wonderful garden that we planted and will continue to care for.  

Mrs Boys-Smith








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Fathers' Committee K-6

All dads K-6 are very welcome to join our Fathers' committee and meet other dads from different grades. The meeting dates and times are advertised in our future newsletters.

There is a Fathers and Children's camp being held on Friday 22nd, November until Sunday 24th November at the Sports & Recreation Centre at Point Wolstonecroft on Lake Macquarie, just 45 minutes north of the school. This is a wonderful opportunity for children and their fathers to spend a fun- filled weekend away with other students and dads K-6. There are plenty of activities that both boys and girls will enjoy. I attend the Fathers and Children's camp every year. The students have so much fun together, as the dads relax and build new contacts with other dads in the school.

Fliers will come home this week with your children or you can download a copy of the flyer.

Enquiries can be made via the email on ccgsfatherscamp@gmail.com
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Lost & Found

A large amount of money was found at the Prep Disco on Friday 2nd August. If you lost it, please contact the JS Admin Office. If this money is not claimed, it will be put towards the Year 6 Farewell.

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Act of Kindness

Emily Redmond Yr 9 would like to thank Myles Bray 1M for helping her pick up her books when she dropped them last week. What a kind boy you are Myles!
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Student News – Congratulations Emilie Kull

Congratulations Emilie Kull from 6A on achieving 1st place in the Gosford Eisteddfod monologue and 2nd place in the duologue.
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House Points

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Upcoming Events


Kindergarten Parents Dinner Friday 16th August 7pm at L'isle de France. More information to follow in a flyer.

Year 1

The Year 1 Bowling Day on 11th August has been cancelled. Parent reps have organised a family picnic day at Long Jetty playground on 18th August instead. More details have been forwarded in a flyer.

Upcoming Events

  • 16th Aug – Junior School Assembly
  • 16th Aug – Grandparents' Day
  • 23rd Aug – Kindy Excursion to the Reptile Park
  • 22/23th Aug – Junior School Production 'Cinderella Rocks'
  • 30th Aug – Infants Assembly
  • 6th Sep – Father & Children's Breakfast
  • 22 – 24th Nov – CCGS Father's Camp 2013

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