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Week 5 - Term 3, 2013: MIDDLE SCHOOL

Head of Middle School – Mr Steven Bennett
Exchange Program
Jeremie Kull
Sunrise Children's Village Study Tour
Come Together as One…sies!
My Girragundji
Assessments: Yr 7, Yr 8, Yr 9


The Difficulty of the Exchange Program at Central Coast Grammar School

On Wednesday 21st August there is an Exchange Information Evening scheduled to commence in the Performing Arts Centre (PAC) at 6:30 pm. The CCGS Exchange Program is an opportunity for students to experience another culture, school, family and in some instances another language. Most of all it is a challenging discovery about oneself. Our students develop a range of new skills and knowledge, confidence, maturity, an aptitude for leadership and the ability to deal with new places, faces and situations. Central Coast Grammar School would like the opportunity to send all deserving students on exchange. The reality is, however, less than 20 students who apply for exchange will be selected. Already over 70 students, from a cohort of 124 students have expressed an interest about the Exchange Program.

All interested exchange students are required to attend the Exchange Evening and submit their application online. No late applications will be accepted.

After the closing date for submissions (midnight 26th August) the Exchange Panel will meet to review each student’s file since enrolment to determine if they will progress to the next stage. Consideration is given to such factors as:

  • Attendance
  • Academic performance and work ethic
  • Adherence to the ICT Policy
  • Application
  • Behaviour
  • Equipment and organisation
  • Homework and assessment
  • Punctuality to class and school
  • Respect of: Self / Others /School
  • Uniform, dress and appearance
  • Ability to self-manage
  • Community Service record
  • Broad Cocurricular involvement at CCGS
  • Displays initiative
  • General compliance
  • Peer relationships
  • Performance in the interview

Those who are unsuccessful at this stage will be notified. Other students will progress to an interview. For those students who are unsuccessful after interview, it does not mean they are not worthy candidates for exchange but more the fact there is limited exchange placements.

Students who are eligible for exchange will need to be patient and wait to see if a position becomes available. Whether an exchange opportunity arises depends on the number of reciprocal placements made available with our International Exchange Schools. Several of those students who have been deemed eligible for exchange may still not receive an opportunity to participate in the Exchange Program. As a result, there will be several disappointed students.

At times, we have wondered if the Exchange Program is worth the heartache for the students, parents and staff. However, the benefits of Exchange far outweigh the disappointment of not having the Exchange Program at Central Coast Grammar School. Regardless of the outcome for each student, there are many valuable lessons to be learned. These include being more resilient and handling disappointment. Middle School House coordinators will be on hand to provide support to students along the way.

It is true students who have exemplary student files at Central Coast Grammar School will have a greater prospect of being considered for Exchange as to those students who are prepared to go anywhere. If an offer is made and not accepted, it will not be viewed favourably by the School.

We suggest any student in Years 7 and 8 who have aspirations of participating on exchange in the years ahead, need to ensure they are familiar with our expectations and standards during Middle School years.

In addition, the above applies to those students who envisage being part of a Culture Tour to China, Sports or Music Tours and the Humanitarian Tour to Cambodia and Vietnam. Each student is responsible for their behaviour and the School has the responsibility to select the best representatives.

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Jeremie Kull (Year 8)

In 2008, as a Year 6 student, Matt Baines received an award for one year of Karate lessons at Black Belt Martial Art by Liz Mahler, (director\owner). Typical of Matt, who always thinks of others, he decided to give the subscription to a Year 4 student, Jeremie Kull. Jeremie commenced Karateor Karate lessons. Four and a half years later; Jeremie has obtained his BLACK BELT! Congratulations to Jeremie. This is a great achievement and special thank you to Matt Baines and Liz Mahler.






Jeremie being congratulated by Matt

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Sunrise Children’s Village Study Tour 2013

The Middle School is ready to embrace the arrival of the children from the Sunrise Children’s Village, Cambodia. These students will arrive in Australia this Thursday. From Monday 20th August they will be involved in school activities such as classroom lessons, sport and excursions. Whilst we are sure our special visitors will have an exciting time at Central Coast Grammar School, the Middle School students will learn many valuable lessons from their interaction with the Sunrise Children. Our appreciation is extended to Mrs Michele Hockey for organising this wonderful opportunity for all the students.

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Come Together as One…sies! Year 8 Social and Emotional Program

The world of a Year 8 girl is both exciting and complex. Friendships can be rewarding as well as difficult and changeable. Events can be quickly uploaded and discussed on social media.

To assist our girls navigate some of these challenges, an afternoon tea and self-esteem mentoring program will be held on Friday 23rd August. Year 11 Mentors and the Middle School Wellbeing Team will facilitate the evening which will culminate with a chick flick in the Lecture Theatre.

Invitations were posted home last week. For catering purposes we ask the RSVP is returned by Friday 16th August.

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My Girragundji

Last Wednesday, Years 7, 8 & 9 students and staff were priviledged to see the Canute Theatre Production Company perform My Girragundji, an adaptation of the book, by Boori Pryor and Meme McDonald. My Girragundji provided an insight into the awkwardness and challenges of growing up through the eyes of a young Aboriginal boy. The result is a story that is both moving and tremendously funny.

This production lit up the stage with magic, dance and a bold theatricality which created an unforgettable experience all. Our appreciation is extended to the English Department, for organising such an incredible opportunity for our students.







My Girragundji cast with Jon Fleetwood, Phoebe Whitfield and James Husband

From Steven Bennett and Jacki Lynch
Head and Deputy of Middle School

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Year 7 Assessments

The following Y7 Assessments have been scheduled for T3:
Fri 23rd Aug – Geography (Task 2 Topographic Model – in class), Mr Thomas
Tue 27th Aug – PDH/PE (Health & Young People Assessment), Mrs Amoroso
Wed 4th Sep – Science (Research & Oral Communication Task), Mr Farrelly
Fri 6th Sep – Geography (Task 3 Oral Presentation – in class), Mr Thomas
Mon 9th Sep – Mathematics (Across form test), Mrs Robinson

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Year 8 Assessments

The following Year 8 Assesments have been scheduled for T3:
Mon 19th Aug – PDH/PE (Recognising Risk Exam), Mrs Amoroso
Fri 23rd Aug – Geography (Task 1 Resources Research Report), Mr Thomas
Wed, 4th Sep – Mathematics (Across form test), Mrs Robinson
Fri 6th Sep – Science (Submission of Student Research Project – Planning, conducting and reporting a first hand investigation), Mr Farrelly

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Year 9 Assessments

The following Year 9 Assessments have been scheduled for T3:
Fri 16th Aug – Geography (My Island – Hand in), Mr Thomas
Tue 27th Aug – Music (Listening 2 (Musicals) – In class),  Mrs Crowley
Tue 27th Aug – PDH/PE (PASS – Fitness Testing Task – completed in class during lessons in weeks 7,8 and 9, Mrs Amoroso
Wed 28th Aug – PDH/PE  (The Party Research Task),  Mrs Amoroso
Thu 29th Aug – Science (Research task), Mr Farrelly
Wed 4th Sep – Food Technology (Research Task – Nutrition), Ms Walsh
Thu 5th Sep – Industrial Technology (Practical/Theory exam), Mr Worthing
Fri 6th Sep – Mathematics (In Course Test), Mrs Robinson
Tue 10th Sep – Information & Software Technical Database Task – Minibeasts with Year 2, Mrs Byrnes
Wed 11th Sep – Marine Technology (‘Rock Platform Model and Oral Presentation’ – in class), Mr Roper
Fri 13th Sep – Marine Technology (Appreciation of Marine Environments – Local Rock Platform Study – in class), Mr Roper

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