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Week 2 - Term 3, 2013: MIDDLE SCHOOL

Head of Middle School – Mr Steven Bennett

2013 International Student Summer Camp – Beijing
Year 9 2014 Elective Choice Information Evening
National Self-Detection Program for Scoliosis (NSDP)
Study Techniques and Approaches – Home Learning Sessions
Language Perfect Competition
Maths Online

2013 International Student Summer Camp – Beijing

During the past week the students on the Beijing Summer Camp with Ms. Ho and I have experienced many magical moments. For each of us there are differing highlights: meeting new friends from around the world, the International Friendship Evening, the Silk Market, the Chinese National Museum (seeing the Terracotta Warriors), a Kung Fu show, the cultural classes, a Chinese Tea Ceremony, the 2008 Olympic Site and the Closing Ceremony of the International Camp (Mr Low shared this experience with us). One attraction which shared equal excitement was the opportunity to walk along a section of the Great Wall of China at the Juyongguan Pass. It was awesome. It took 300 years to build this wonder and was built 2000 years ago. The Juyongguan Pass is located in an 18km long valley more than 50km from Beijing City.













Prior to the Great Wall walk

A touching moment for Ms Ho and I was witnessing our distraught students after saying goodbye to their friends from all around the world. This moment will be etched in our memory for many years to come. Students who attended this Summer Camp would have increased their cultural global awareness, and improved their communication, friendship and social skills. It was a pleasure to take such delightful students to Beijing. I am sure they are better for the experience.
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Year 9 2014 Elective Choice Information Evening

Please be aware this evening is for those students (and parents) who are unsure of what elective courses to study during Year 9 2014. Year 10 2014 students and parents are also most welcome to attend. If students are clear about their pattern of study for Years 9 and 10, it may not be necessary for them to attend. The evening will commence at 7:00pm sharp and conclude by 8:30pm.

Year 8 students should have received a letter about the Elective Choice Information Evening with their Academic School Report last term. The Year 9 2014 Curriculum Book is available in the download section on our School Portal http://portal.ccgs.nsw.edu.au/.  The book contains information about all mandatory courses and the elective courses offered, for study. Parents and students should find this a useful resource. Please remind your child to enter their Year 9 elective choices online by midnight Thursday 8th August and return the signed paper copy to the Middle School Office no later than Friday 9th August 2013.

Year 9 2014 Elective Choice Information Evening

     Date:          31st July 2013
Day:            Wednesday
     Place:         PAC
Time:          7pm – 8.30pm
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National Self-Detection Program for Scoliosis (NSDP)

Scoliosis (spinal curvature) is an important health problem for adolescent girls and 25 per thousand are at risk of developing a significant curve. Three girls per thousand require active treatment. In the early stages the condition is most often asymptomatic; screening in the age range of 11 to 13 years is a sound preventative health measure. The Self-Detection Program can be accessed directly via the following link: www.scoliosis-australia.org.
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Study Techniques and Approaches – Home Learning Sessions

If the statement “…would benefit from a regular home study revision program” was written in the Semester 1 Report, please consider the following: To maximise one’s ability it is essential to plan your study. In order to reach one’s potential, study is required at home daily, including weekends.

The facts:

  • If learned material in class is not reviewed within 24 hours, then 60% to 80% of it is lost.
  • After a month of no revision only 3% to 4% is remembered.
  • Ongoing review of learned material sends a message to the brain that it must be important and so the brain stores the information.

Planned home study sessions at regular intervals are the building blocks of a successful study program. Start with 25 minute sessions with a 5 minute break and try to build up your concentration span to 45 minute intervals. Breaking your time up into smaller pieces helps your organisation and concentration. A greater depth of understanding will be achieved with shorter, more frequent visits to subject material. Should parents or students require thorough details about Study Techniques, please contact your child’s Middle School House coordinator.

“To master your time is to master your life.” Alan Lakein

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Language Perfect Competition

Last term many Year 7, 8 and 9 students participated in the Language Perfect Word Championships. Between the 20th and 30th May, 2013, students were tested on their reading, listening and writing skills in French, Indonesian and Japanese. Our students were ranked in the top 20% of 225 000 competitors in the largest online languages competition in the world.

Congratulations to the following students:

Gold Awards (Top 2% of 225 000 competitors)
Tom Jenkins, James Bishop, Annabelle Wassall, Riley Pettigrew, Alex Bauer, Tim Handley

Silver Awards (Top 5% of 225 000 competitors)
Lindsey Thomson, Sean Boag, Grace Reid, Oliver Loewenthal, Brynn Clarke, Madeleine Gahan

Bronze Awards (Top 10% of 225 000 competitors)
Annelise Chown, Kimberly Gilbert, Tanya Boag, Caitlin Savins, Gabriella Lay, Emma Carter, Adam Chettle, Ashleigh Robson
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Maths Online

Central Coast Grammar School students are able to access Maths Online. This program is an interactive learning resource catering for the learning needs of all students from Kindergarten to Year 12. An analysis conducted by the company recently noticed that approximately 75% of registered students have logged into Maths Online at least once this year. Maths Online guides students through the Australian Mathematics Curriculum lesson by lesson, allowing students to pause, rewind and repeat all or part of any lesson until they fully understand it. It is like having a Mathematics teacher with you at all times. All students at Central Coast Grammar School have membership to Maths Online. Further information about Maths Online can be obtained by following the link :   http://www.mathsonline.com.au/

The benefits of Maths Online:

  • Provides students with the freedom to study without stress, at home, in their own time, at their own pace.
  • Students can catch up on lessons they missed or revise concepts they have not fully understood.
  • As Mathematics concepts build upon each other, sometimes it is necessary for students to go back and revise a particular concept before moving on to a new topic, this can be done as every student has access to the entire Kindergarten to Year 12 curriculum.
  • Students can preview lessons at home before they take them at school.
  • Students can gain understanding and confidence especially in areas where they may have struggled previously.
  • Students can complete questions to test their understanding. All of their results are recorded so their progress can easily be tracked.

 From Steven Bennett and Jacki Lynch
Head of Middle School & Deputy Head of Middle School
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