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eNews: April 2016
A Word from our GM Back to top

Susan CooperHello!

As we get ready to brace for the colder months, it’s more important than ever, to be there for each other, to check in, to have a conversation. 

The last few months have been busy! I've had the pleasure of addressing both the NARPACA and VAPAC Technical Managers' Conferences as well as the students at The Village Performing Arts School, Sydney.  I have also attended three Intermission sessions (in Melbourne and Sydney). During each of these presentations I have appreciated the opportunity to share our research findings and facilitate conversations about mental health in our industry. It’s been heartening to see that these conversations are being welcomed and being started. Let’s keep the conversation going.  If you would like to find out more about my research presentations and facilitated discussion, please send me an email or call 03 9247 4838. 

If you haven’t already, check out the Entertainment Assist Community Hub (lovingly referred to as EACH), a Facebook Group where we can all connect and have conversations that reduce stigma, raise awareness and encourage support.

You are welcome to forward this eNews to your industry colleagues.  If you are not already an EA subscriber, I encourage you to click here to register your support for mental health, #haveheart and make your voice matter.

Thank you for your support of Entertainment Assist. I hope you consider joining me to "Create. Change." by subscribing to our regular giving campaign.  By making a small monthly contribution you will make a big difference.

'til next time, #haveheart and keep on taking care of you.

Susan Cooper
General Manager


Mental Health Tip: Have the conversation Back to top

conversation-bubbles-2Connecting to one another and having conversations about mental health is one way to reduce stigma and raise awareness about mental health and how to get help.

If you haven’t yet made it to one of our Intermission training sessions and are interested in how to have conversations about mental health with people you are concerned about, here’s some great tips on what to say and how to have the conversation.

Intermission: People are taking action Back to top

It's Intermission timeNearly 70 people attended our Intermission Mental Health training in March. They learnt how to recognise the signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression, have conversations about mental health, and encourage people to seek support. Everyone was inspired, fired up and ready to take action.

We received overwhelming feedback that it was time to reduce the stigma and time to speak up! 

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Applauding Our Community Fundraisers Back to top

hands in shape of a heartEntertainment Assist is very grateful to the wonderful people who conduct community fundraisers on our behalf as much needed funds are raised for the rollout of our Intermission mental health training program.  Have you got an idea for a fundraiser?  Call us on 03 9247 4838 or email to find out how easy it is to support the mental health of your industry brothers and sisters.

A fundraising concert, Piano Day, was held on EA’s behalf at Bennett’s Lane on 28 March.  Piano Day is a worldwide celebration of the piano every 88th day of the year.  Over $1500 was raised through a collection tin at the door and via the venue’s ticketing system.  

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In Your Words Back to top

In Your Words Icon_Do you have something to share with us about the ups and downs of our industry? As our EACH (Entertainment Assist Community Hub) Facebook Group comes alive, there are more and more conversations and comments being shared on social media by you, our community. Here’s a couple from the past month that particularly touched us…..

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Create. Change. Back to top

Create changeDo you have just $10 a month to support mental health in an industry you love?  Yes? Fantastic! Click here!

Our supporters include performers, technicians, support crew, directors, venue managers and avid audience members.  #haveheart, join us and help create change.

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