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eNews: Dec 2016
A Word from our GM Back to top

Susan CooperAh 2016! Whether for Brexit, Syria, that time when Donald Trump won a US election, Bulldogs and Sharks wins … or “merely”  the swings and roundabouts of a life in the arts and entertainment sector, it’s pretty likely we’ll all remember 2016.

At Entertainment Assist, 2016 was the year when our intuition  about health and wellbeing in the performing arts and entertainment industry was proven by landmark research: behind Australia’s fantastic live performance industry are people in severe distress. In October 2016, EA released research it commissioned  from the  College of Arts at Victoria University. Almost 3,000 people responded to a call-out, contributing their insights  as performers, technicians, road crew, administrators and other industry professionals. The resulting report  is known as "Working in the Australian Entertainment: Final Report".  In this newsletter we provide an update of how Entertainment Assist plans to work towards changing the dreadful mental health and wellbeing statistics of our industry.

The holiday period can be particularly challenging – keep an eye on your co-workers and your own wellbeing as you dive into the good cheer, take on that extra bit of work or get away from it all. 

EA would not exist without its major supporters the Pratt Foundation and Village Roadshow. We thank and recognise these organisations whose support allows us to pursue wellbeing in our industry.  However in addition to major supporters, it is always a pleasure to thank you, our stakeholders who support us with information, donations and kindness. You’re all advocates and we couldn’t make the effort we do without the inspiration you provide – thank you.

With best wishes for 2017 from all of us at Entertainment Assist.

Susan Cooper
General Manager


EA's Plan for Generational Change Back to top

Create changeEntertainment Assist's research findings reveal an unusually high incidence of suicide, anxiety, depression and substance abuse in the Australian entertainment industry. Sustainability and growth of our people-focused industry is resting on foundations of bullying, sexual assault, sexism and racism as well as the widely recognised impacts on health and well-being of shift work and work-related travel. So this is what we’re doing about it:  Read more

A New Shop Window Back to top

website redesignAs part of our digital strategy we will be launching a shiny new website in February 2017 – tell your co-workers you love them on Valentine's Day with a nudge towards resilience resources!  We will also be stepping up the regularity of our communications – we won’t clog your inbox but it’s time for some transformation!  In the meantime, keep an eye on our social media and drop #haveheart into yours!

The Show Must Go On Back to top


The Show Must Go OnWe only ever see a fraction of the hard work that goes into each piece of entertainment – whether that be on screen, stage, or radio.

Startled by the findings in Entertainment Assist's research, actor/filmmaker, Ben Steel, has produced the most beautiful documentary "The Show Must Go On".  This film celebrates our beloved industry and explores what we do and the mental wellbeing of workers in the entertainment world. 

Here is the first teaser of this fab doco due for release in 2017. Very poignant, beautifully filmed and edited. Please share far and wide.

The Gift of Giving Back to top

christmas_donationWe're aware of the financial highs and lows of working in the performing arts and entertainment industry, but if you do have the inclination and ability to support our work, consider yourself duly encouraged to do so here.  Please #haveheart and join us on our journey. Any size contribution is welcome. Together we will make a difference!