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The Anchor | Term 1 | Week 2 | 9 February 2018
From the Principal

Mark Sawle Anchor T3 2017

Leaders' Induction Ceremony

Three new cohorts of GSG student leaders were inducted at a whole of school assembly attended by students, staff and parents on Monday. 

The school community applauded the Years Six, Nine and Twelve students who accepted their badges and new roles with enthusiasm and resolve. 

The inductions followed a traditional Welcome to Country conducted by Mrs Carol Pettersen, assisted by Year Eleven student Lyndon James-Wallace.

The Year One students, or Class of 2029, were presented with their school badges, a wonderful tradition connecting senior and junior students.

  • Please visit this link to read addresses by: 2017 Dux, Ms Bridie Weaver; Welcome to Country Guest Speaker, Mrs Carol Pettersen; Head Boy, Angus Milne, and Head Girl, Claire Bradshaw: http://ow.ly/gsth30ifAvm

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IMG_3795smlP&F President’s XI vs Principal’s XI Cricket Match

Sunny weather greeted two determined teams at last weekend’s P&F vs Principal’s Cricket Match. While my team took home the trophy, P&F President Dean Fasolo’s team put up a strong fight. Thank you to the P&F and Dean’s team for this community-building event.

Junior School Playground

The school has appointed Ms Julie de Jong and Ms Dana Neumann from H&H Architects to redesign the Junior School playground and the sporting precinct. Julie and Dana will meet with Junior School staff on Tuesday 13 February to discuss the school’s needs and vision for this area.

20 Year Anniversary Save the Date20-Year Anniversary Save the Date

This year we celebrate 20 years since the founding of the school in 1998. I invite you, the school community, to help us commemorate the founding of Great Southern Grammar and to recognise and reflect upon the school’s founding and its successes. A 20-year commemorative gala is planned for Saturday 16 June at the Albany Entertainment Centre. Please save the date for this exciting event.

Mr Mark Sawle| Principal
From the Deputy Principal

From the Deputy Principal

As we launched ourselves into the new year, it has been a joy to watch our students get settled, make new friends and adjust to life back at school. For some students, this has been an enormous two weeks of transition and adjustment.

Our newest boarders should be commended on the way they have adapted to their new home away from home.

An important aspect of the transition to a new school, or a new school year, is learning or revisiting our school culture and values. After all, our values of respect, tolerance, integrity and compassion are nothing but words without being enacted. Over the past week I have had the privilege of meeting with a number of students and have been thoroughly heartened by their willingness and enthusiasm to ‘be the change they want to see in the world.’ We already have students working together across sub-schools, discussing service learning projects, helping others settle in by inviting new students to join them at lunch time, and helping to prepare younger peers reflect on Lent. None of these actions are, by themselves, huge undertakings but, collectively, represent a school culture committed to making sure school is a safe, happy and worthwhile place for all members of our community. 

I look forward to seeing all these actions culminate in a worthwhile and rewarding year of learning for our students.

National Questacon Invention Convention

Kudos to Kelvin Hands, Year Nine, who attended the National Questacon Invention Convention (NQIC) in Canberra earlier this year.

Kelvin participated as one of 25 Australian delegates innovating to meet existing global needs within the theme Future Earth.

His invention, a Fresnel Lens solar hot water system, was brought home at the end of the convention by plane. Needless to say, Kelvin had a lot of explaining to do to reassure security staff that the electronic device wasn't dangerous! 

Thanks to Kelvin for the following account of his trip to Canberra for the five-day workshop where, I'm assured, he had an absolute ball.

Mrs Emma Franklin | Deputy Principal

“My time at the National Invention Convention, known as NQIC, was nothing short of amazing. When our flight landed in Canberra from Perth, it was immediately apparent it was quite late; 1.00am local time. It was going to be a late night for us and the Questacon staff that picked us up. When we finally got to our accommodation, a really nice place situated towards the outskirts of Canberra called YMCA Bush Capital Lodge, it was about 2.00am, so we quickly went to bed. In the morning we were welcomed then told we were the only ones there.

That day, we used a hire minibus and saw the sites of Canberra. That night, we were told to get to bed early to start the next day at 6.45am. Of course, how it always goes is that someone always decides that night time is a great time for talking, rather than sleeping. I finally fell asleep at 1.00am. The next morning, I awoke, had breakfast and jumped on a bus to the Ian Potter Learning Centre where NQIC 2018 was held. Throughout the day we listened to guest speakers whose topics ranged from recycling to space. A highlight for me was getting to use the Microsoft HoloLens, a new revolutionary technology developed by Microsoft that overlays projections into the real world, like augmented reality in sunglasses. The next day we did some project research, attended maker-mentor and skill sessions and, finally, prototyping.

That night we had a games night. The next day we prototyped all day and had a lecture from IP Australia. On Thursday we had more prototyping time to finish our inventions and on Friday yet more prototyping time and a visit from the Governor General of Australia who congratulated us on our ‘wonderful’ inventions. 

In the morning, I was woken by people leaving at 4.00am to get on their flights home. That day, my parents picked me up after arriving in Canberra on Thursday and took me to our hired holiday house where we spent the next seven days in Canberra. Following that, we went to Sydney for four days then flew home to arrive on the Monday before school.

NQIC 2018 was great and I would recommend applying for it if you like inventing or innovating and need some extra confidence to get started.”


Kelvin Hands | Year Nine
From the Chaplain

Rod Marsh ResizedA Christian School

Great Southern Grammar has staff and students who come from a variety of religious traditions, or none.

However, the school is a Christian school, so all students participate in Chapel and Christian Studies, and we have prayer at our public events.

By the character of our life together, we also seek to offer students the experience of being part of a caring, respectful, serving community. As mentioned last week, our student leaders have settled upon this goal for their year in office.

It is my conviction as Chaplain that, as a Christian school, we have both the obligation and privilege of presenting faith in Christ to students as a reasonable and attractive option in the modern world. To that end, over the past years we have had a visiting Chaplain come to the school, usually in the week before Easter. This year we are trying something different. For the period of Lent, Middle School Student Leaders will lead Year Three to Six devotions, Senior School Student Leaders will lead Middle School devotions, and Homeroom Teachers will lead Senior School devotions. These devotions will be held from Pancake Tuesday on 13 February, through to Maundy Thursday on 29 March. An ashing ceremony for Lent will be held on Wednesday 14 February, and the school Easter Service on 29 March.

This is the notice given to students through Daily Notices:

Lent is the Christian name for the weeks leading up to Easter. Our theme for Lent 2018 is ‘Following the Jesus Way.’

Lent begins, this year, on Ash Wednesday (14 February) and from Ash Wednesday to Maundy Thursday (29 March). Next week, homerooms will begin the school day with:

  1. A short reading from the oldest and shortest Gospel (Mark). This reading will be part of Mark’s record of Jesus’ teaching, service and his death and reappearance to his followers after his death.
  2. A short comment or explanation of the bible passage.
  3. A one-minute reflection on what it might mean to follow the Jesus way that day.
Rev Rodney Marsh | Chaplain
Senior School News

From the Head of Senior School

The year is well under way, and I commend the Senior School students on the fine start they have made collectively.

At our first assembly I explained to Senior School students that they set the tone and that we, ie the school, responds to them. If the students in a school are cooperative, responsible and ‘on side’ then we can relax, trust them and allow them freedoms. Conversely, if we need to feel defensive, on our guard, we are naturally less likely to give the students latitude. Sometimes I think students get it the wrong way round, but I am confident that our students in Senior School recognise that they have our trust and best wishes. As I like to say, it is theirs to lose!

Each year group has its own specific foci and challenges. The Year Ten students have the important task of selecting their subjects for Years Eleven and Twelve at the end of Semester One. In order to make the best, most suitable choices, the students need to have shown in Semester One that they are capable of continuing in a subject they may wish to. So, it is an important time to establish a serious intent towards learning and good study habits and attitude.

The biggest change in the lives of the students actually comes at the end of Year Ten, rather than going into Year Twelve, when they can select their subjects and set off along a desired pathway. Their WACE Graduation is really a two-year programme, and the purpose of Year Eleven is to embed the strategies and practices that will ensure success in Year Twelve. Therefore, such things as time management, prioritising, working steadily and consistently, and having a beneficial mindset are important to establish in Year Eleven. 

These routines all need to be in place when Year Twelve begins. From the very start of the year, each point counts for ATAR students, and while there is often not the same immediate pressure for General/VET students, they have to deal with their own responsibilities of time management in the meeting of deadlines and competencies. With all courses, Year Twelve is a long, steady push, and an even, consistent application is far more productive than irregular bursts of extremely hard work!

It has been a very smooth start to the year, with the student leaders and all classes up and running. I thank all students for their commitment and willingness to share the journey with us.

Mr Mark Bonnin | Head of Senior School
Junior School News

From the Head of Junior School

A Values-based Christian Education

At GSG, our teaching and learning programmes are underpinned by Christian values.

These values build strength of character, self-awareness and social understanding. They are universal and become our moral compass in difficult times.

This year, Junior School will focus on one value a fortnight. You will hear our students and teachers speaking the language of values. Focus values will be ‘unpacked’ within classrooms.

The first focus value for Junior School is ‘diligence.’ Diligence is working hard and doing the best job you possibly can. When we are diligent, you take special care to do things systematically. Being diligent is being industrious, giving all you have to give to whatever you do. Why should we practice diligence? Diligence helps us get things done with excellence; it leads to success. When we are diligent about the things we do, we earn the trust of others and can be relied upon to give of our best.

Acknowledging students who demonstrate the focus values is important. Acknowledging the use of a value should focus on the action (value) we would like to see repeated. For example, “It was your diligence in learning your nine times tables that helped you achieve an excellent result in your Maths test.” I look forward to sharing snapshots from Junior School where our values are being actioned.

A reminder of upcoming Junior School events:

  • Friday 16 February: Year FourH assembly, 2.15pm in the Hall
  • Thursday 22 February: Year Three to Six Swimming Trials
  • Thursday 8 to Friday 9 March: School photography
  • Tuesday 13 March: Year Three to Six Interhouse Swimming Carnival
Ms Suzanne Youens | Head of Junior School


Today, Junior School leaders spent time in the classrooms discussing what diligence looks like in Junior School. In summary, this is what they came up with: Diligence is focusing my effort on the work at hand.

Diligence is like an investment, which means that what you put into something determines what you get out of it. A diligent person works hard because anything worth doing is worth doing right, and the way you do your work is a reflection of who you are.

In the Junior School we all look forward to working with all the students on the bi-weekly values and encourage parents to do the same at home.

Mr Paul Osborne | Assistant Head of Junior School

Junior School Art

We are making a start on this term’s project in Junior School for Art in the Park, held in the Porongurup Ranges. We are creating Red Rocked and are planning to cover a giant granite rock in woven red fabric. It should look stunning once installed in all the greenery, and is inspired by installation artists, Christo and Andy Goldsworthy.

We require a lot of red fabric so if anyone has old red sheets or clothes they could donate (either dropped off to the Art rooms or to Mrs Jackie Boyce in Junior School services) that would be fantastic!

Ms Rachel Mordy | Visual Arts Coordinator

Year Five Science Walk

On Wednesday, the Year Five students took advantage of the beautiful weather and began their scientific unit on Adaptations with a walk to the school Wildspace. They excitedly compared notes on the different animals, plants and environmental features observed and took delight in using the handheld microscopes (kindly donated by the Rotary Club of Albany last year). Thank you to Mrs Carlene Webster for accompanying us.

Mrs Fiona Gouldthorp and Mrs Cath Hodgkinson | Year Five teachers
Whole of School News

TristineUniform Shop News

Term One Uniform Shop opening hours are as follows:

  • Monday: 8.00am to 1.00pm
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 8.00am to 4.00pm
  • Thursday: Closed
  • Friday: 8.00am to 4.00pm
Mrs Tristine Smargiassi | Uniform Shop Manager
Arts News

Emma Luxton 2017 Sundowner ResizedMusic Matters

Lessons and ensembles all began this week. I encourage any students interested in joining one of our ensembles or learning an instrument to come to the Music Building Office and speak with Mrs Spinks. 

We have vacancies for instrumental lessons on guitar, piano, violin, cello, trumpet, trombone, and French horn.

Middle and Senior School ensembles include: Pipe Band, Intermediate Strings, Senior Strings, Jazz Band, Concert Band, Foundation Band, Senior Vocal Ensemble, Flute Ensemble and Guitar Ensemble. Application forms for all of the above are available on MyGSG.

Jazz Band Camp

Jazz Band Camp is held next weekend in the Music Building. Could all students please return their permission forms to the Music building by Monday next week.

Ms Emma Luxton | Director of Music, Head of the Arts


A big thank you in Art to Ms MacLachlan and her Year Eight Visual Arts class from 2017. They have finished a wonderful new mosaic seat for everyone using this area to sit on. It is a greatly appreciated addition to our outside area. The design is inspired by Carrolup art and we thank John Curtin Gallery for sponsorship of this project.

We are making a start on our project in Junior School Art for this term’s Art in the Park, held in the Porongurup Ranges. We are creating Red Rocked and are planning to cover a giant granite rock in woven red fabric. It should look stunning once installed in all the greenery, inspired by installation artist, Christo and Andy Goldsworthy.

We require a lot of red fabric, so if anyone has old red sheets, clothes that they could donate (either dropped off to the art rooms or to Mrs Jackie Boyce in Junior School Student Services), that would be fantastic!

Ms Rachel Mordy | Visual Arts Coordinator
Sport News

Nathan Symonds ResizedGreat Southern Grammar Intraschool Tennis

The Great Southern Grammar Intraschool Tennis tournament is being held on Monday 26 February, at Lawley Park Tennis Club from 4.00pm to 8.00pm.

Interested students from Years Three to Twelve are invited to participate in this tournament. Categories include:

  • Junior Boy and Girl (Year Three to Six) Champion
  • Year Seven to Nine Boy and Girl Champion
  • Year Ten to Twelve Boy and Girl Champion
  • Runners-up in all divisions

Students wishing to participate are to register via email to Mrs Wendy Wheeler on wendy.wheeler@gsg.wa.edu.au before 3.00pm on Wednesday 23 February.

Any queries are please be directed to the Sports Office on 9844 0375 or email sports@gsg.wa.edu.au for further information.

Mr Nathan Symonds | Director of Sport
P&F News

The P&F Committee has hit the ground running this term, with several events completed, and a busy few weeks in front of us.




P&F President’s XI vs Principal’s XI Cricket

The annual cricket challenge was held last Sunday on the school oval, with perfect weather completing a very enjoyable afternoon. The Principal’s XI proved too strong in the end, despite a valiant effort from the President’s XI, who were very happy to get through the day’s play without requiring an ambulance to attend. Thanks to all who contributed to making the day a success.

P&F Sundowner

The P&F is once again hosting a Sundowner to welcome all parents back to school, with twilight drinks and refreshments held in the Pratten Centre tonight, from 6.00 to 8.00pm. The committee extends an invitation to all parents come along and enjoy a chance to catch up with friends, and meet parents new to GSG.

P&F Meeting

Our first meeting of the year takes place on Tuesday 13 February, commencing at 7.00pm in the Pratten Centre, coinciding with our yearly AGM. The structure of the meetings will change this year, with the first meeting of the term taking place at school, and welcoming subschool representatives to discuss events and information pertaining to each subschool. The second meeting each term will be held at different venues around town, having a more social focus. All parents are invited to attend all meetings, and the committee welcomes input and ideas from interested parents.

Mr Dean Fasolo | P&F President
For Your Diary

diary Monday 26 February

  • GSG Tennis Tournament, Lawley Park Tennis Club, 4.00pm to 8.00pm




Friday 9 February

  • Parent Information Evening, 5.00pm to 6.00pm
  • P&F Sundowner, 6.00pm to 8.00pm


Monday 12 February 

  • Country Week Trials


Tuesday 13 February

  • Country Week Trials
  • P&F Meeting and AGM, 7.00pm, Pratten Centre


Wednesday 14 February

  • Ash Wednesday
  • Year Seven Fish Traps excursion
  • Country Week Trials


Thursday 15 February

  • Country Week Trials


Friday 16 February to Saturday 17 February

  • Jazz Band Camp


Friday 16 February


Saturday 17 February

Canteen News

Canteen 1Canteen 2

Lunch and recess ordering at Great Southern Grammar is done online through Flexischools. If you do not have a Flexischools account, it is easy to set one up. Follow the prompts at www.flexischools.com.au and if you have any queries, phone Flexischools on 1300 361 769. Their friendly team will help you get up and running and ensure quick, efficient lunch ordering for you on those busy mornings. If you already have a Flexischools account, remember to change the year of your child/ren for your first 2018 order.

Canteen Specials: Week Three

  • Muffin: Mixed berry
  • Special: Moroccan beef kofta with sweet potato salad, served with a spicy yoghurt dip and a dinner roll. Allergy Alert: contains egg, dairy
  • Classic BLT: Bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on a Turkish roll. Freshly made daily.
  • Smoothie: Peach and raspberry
Mrs Christina Tebbutt | Canteen Manager
Community News

This week's community news



Albany Girls’ Cricket League

For information about the Albany Girls’ Cricket League, please visit here

Relationships Australia Mental Health Support

For information about Relationship Australia Your Space and 4Families mental health support services, please visit here and  here

Queen’s Baton Relay

For information about the Queen’s Baton Relay held on 22 February at the National ANZAC Centre and the Town Square, please visit here

Capture Nature Photography Competition

For information about the Capture Nature Photography Competition with categories for primary and secondary students, please visit here

Dental Therapy Centre News

Spencer Park Dental Therapy Centre provides free dental examinations, oral care advice, preventative, restorative and emergency treatment for children from Pre-Primary to Year Eleven.

Enrolment forms will soon be issued to your child if he/she has recently changed schools or enrolled in Pre-Primary. Please make sure these forms are returned before the end of Term One.

Parents of enrolled students are reminded to contact the centre to update your details if you have moved in the last few years. Call 9841 3967 or email spencerparkdtc@dental.health.wa.gov.au

To keep your child’s teeth healthy during this important stage of growth, the dental centre recommends brushing twice a day. Parents should always assist with one daily brush and use adult-strength toothpaste, providing children are spitting it out. Teeth should be brushed for a minimum of two minutes and children are encouraged not to rinse after brushing.

Academic Taskforce Tuition

Weekend tuition classes and masterclasses are available for students from years Seven to Twelve. Phone 9314 9500, email learn@academictaskforce.com.au or visit www.academictaskforce.com.au

Australian Defence Force Academy and Royal Military College Duntroon 2019 Intake

The recruitment process for entry into the ADF can take up to 12 months. It is recommended that interested students start their application in the first quarter of 2018. For further information about ADFA, please visit www.defencejobs.gov.au or here

The Royal Military College Duntroon prepares cadets and other selected candidates for careers in the Army by promoting leadership and integrity, by inspiring high ideals and the pursuit of excellence, and by inculcating a sense of duty, loyalty and service to the nation. Visit https://www.army.gov.au/

For further information, visit www.Defencejobs.gov.au call 13 19 01 or visit Defence Force Recruiting located at Level 7, 66 St Georges Terrace, Perth.

Albany Outside School Hours Care

Albany Outside School Hours Care (AOSHC) opened at Yakamia Primary School on 31 January. It is open to children from K-6 (4-12 years of age), from 3.00pm to 6.00pm every day. Vacation care is available during school holidays. For more information, contact Sam Levingston on 0431 902 269 or email admin@albanyoshc.com.au

Junior Tennis Coaching

Contact David Kerr 0414 608 523 or email justacetennis@hotmail.com for information. Details are available at albanytennisacademy.com

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