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The Anchor | Term 2 | Week 2 | 11 May 2018: Whole of School News
Whole of School News

IMG_6003 ResizedHospitality News

The end of Term One was a busy period for Hospitality, with the team from Intergrain, Ms Tress Walmsley and Mr Dan Mullan visiting with udon noodles and explaining the new wheat variety that has been developed to grow in the Great Southern.


IMG_5719 ResizedAt the start of this term, our focus has been on environmental, social and economic sustainability. Year Ten students looked at surplus apples and issues associated with farmers having to pull out orchards. We worked with tree-ripened Jazz apples from Newton Bros. Orchards as students came up with some inventive dishes. One surprise was the kale and apple soup.




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Year Eight students considered the differences between caged, barn, free range and pastured eggs. They investigated the different farming systems and the pros and cons of each system. They then cooked eggs in three different ways and analysed the differences.

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Mrs Wendy Triplett | Hospitality Teacher

Debating News

Ivy ResizedWADL Debating results

Debating Round One is done and dusted and we celebrated two wins out of two debates. Our Novice team argued convincingly that we should not ban homework. Two of the team were beginners to competitive debating and the third speaker was seasoned Year Eight student, Maximilian Tadj, who summed up the teams’ case with aplomb! Well done to the Year Seven students. Ivy Moir was the competent first speaker and a swashbuckling Jack Mason stood in for Daniel Fisher who retired sick. Hamish Medway chaired the debate and Pierce Newman is keen to try speaking next time! Our competition were Year Eight students from St Joseph’s College who were a very close one point behind.

The GSG Junior team excelled with their argument against St Joseph’s College, That we should abolish Gifted and Talented education programmes; a tough topic, given that a few of them have benefited from such programmes. Mr Dwyer was pleased with his team’s presentation and we commend Year Nine students Abigail Winyard, Chloe Trend and veteran debater, William Penny.

Senior School House Debating

Rounds begin in Week Three. Houses are busy selecting their speakers in each year group and the stakes are high to win the coveted Best Speaker shield. Mighty orators, prepare to defend your house honour! We wish you all the best of topics and the right side.

Novice Resized

Junior 2 Resized
Ms Valda Wieland | Speech and Debating Convenor

Library booksLibrary News

Book Fair

Book Fair is coming next week, opening on Thursday at 8.15am. An afternoon tea will be held for Junior School families from 3.00pm on Friday 18 May.

Colouring-in entries are to be delivered to the Library by Monday 14 May. Winners will be announced on Friday 18 May at the Afternoon Tea.

The Book fair is open until Friday 25 May from 8.30am until 4.30pm. Any queries, please email library@gsg.wa.edu.au

Library Staff

Sheryl Moncur, Ms ResizedFrom the Counsellor

Nurturing Middle Schoolers

For Parents and Carers of Middle School Students

6.00pm to 8.30pm 15 May in the GSG Library. A light supper will be provided.

Topics include: age/stage development; communication styles; parenting styles; parenting from a strengths perspective.

Please register your interest via: sheryl.moncur@gsg.wa.edu.au

Ms Sheryl Moncur | School Counsellor

Community Relations News

AFS Hosting opportunity

Are you interested in hosting a short term exchange student from 21 July to 15 September? AFS has students from Spain, France and Italy looking for exchange opportunities. For further information, please either refer to this document or contact AFS via Helen Mein, Volunteer Leader. Tel: 0412 288 944, visit afs.org.au or Facebook.com/AFSWesternAustralia

Mrs Julia Bairstow | Registrar

Uniform Shop News

Please be advised of the Uniform Shop opening hours for Term Two, 2018:

  • Monday: 8.00am to 4.00pm
  • Wednesday: 8.00am to 4.00pm
  • Friday: 8.00am to 1.00pm
Mrs Tristine Smargiassi | Uniform Shop Manager
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