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The Anchor | Term 2 | Week 3 | 13 May 2016: From The Principal
From The Principal

Richard Baird Resized

Dear Parents, Staff and Students

New parents and visitors to our school often tell me how impressed they are by the interaction between staff and students on campus.

What they notice is the mutually respectful and relaxed relationship that exists across the School between staff and students.Developing students’ skills in interpersonal communication, respect for others, and relationship building is, without doubt, an essential part of the all-round education GSG provides. It comes from the culture of the School, and forms part of our core values of integrity, tolerance, compassion and respect. Respect for our teachers, our parents, our siblings, our friends and, of course, ourselves, is vitally important.

Many parents who choose private education for their children cite a greater level of discipline as an important motivation. At GSG, I am proud to say that the discipline we achieve in our student body is a discipline based on respect, rather than on fear or authority. Staff take time to get to know students as individuals and this, in turn, encourages young people to treat their teachers with the same respect, and to want to do their best. It promotes a culture of collaborative learning – teachers and students working together to achieve the best results. 

This was clear to me today at the Walkathon. I was extremely impressed at the behavior of our students as they followed instructions, organised themselves and waited patiently until it was time to begin the walk. It was great to see the interaction between students of all ages, volunteers, parents and staff as we came together as a community to raise essential funds for our school.

I take this opportunity to thank Mrs Belinda O’Dea and her team for the countless hours that they have put in to make today such a success. The P&F team is made up of volunteers, and many of them have foregone their working commitments to organise and attend this wonderful event. Events like this do not happen without the leadership, organisation and commitment of the P&F.

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Mr Richard Baird | Acting Principal
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