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The Anchor | Term 2 | Week 8 | 22 June 2018: Junior School News
Junior School News

From the Head of Junior School

Did you know that the Albany Entertainment Centre houses a magnificent, culturally significant mural?

This week Mr Harley Coyne kindly organised a viewing of the mural for Junior School staff. The mural was completed and unveiled in Kings Park the first time a Welcome to Country ceremony was held for the Perth International Arts Festival. The mural represents all clans of the Noongar nation, with elders from each nation giving direction for the content. Through the work of extremely talented artists, the mural portrays the connection of the Noongar clans and their connection to country. Junior School staff kindly thank Mr Coyne for the generosity of his time and the opportunity to learn more about the cultural heritage of the Minang people.

Junior School Upcoming Events

Friday 29 June            

  • Junior School Awards Assembly
  • End of Term Two
  • Junior School reports released
Ms Suzanne Youens | Head of Junior School

Scitech Visits Junior School

Humans from Scitech came to talk to us about technology! There was a robot called Willow that was a bin with a robotic vacuum cleaner at the bottom of it. One of the Scitech people flew a drone over our group, then Mr Marsh put on a virtual reality headset. After that, we met an artificial intelligence being called Georgio. We took pictures of objects and Georgio guessed what they were.

Nick O’Malley | Five G

Today, Scitech came to our school to show us their new technology show. At first, they told us how robots work in code, then we had to code Meta, the Scientist lady, to give Alisha a high-five. Afterwards, they showed us a bin that was attached to a Roomba, so it could take itself out! They showed us how drones could be colourful and save lives. Then Mr Marsh put a VR headset and handset on and he went up a skyscraper (in an elevator) and walked onto a plank. He was afraid of heights! They told us that VR headsets work by cutting out the view of the screen. Lastly, we looked at an Artificial Intelligence (AI) which can determine what most objects are. I had a fun day with Scitech and I hope they come again!

Max Roots | Five G

Merit Awards

Fernando Gatti, MOKARE
Madeleine Stratico, MOKARE
Joshua Irvine, BAUDIN
Levi Ravenhill, MOKARE
Macsen Marchment, CAMFIELD
Mason Watkins, MOKARE
Jessica Gatti, MOKARE
Hudson Hagnhofer, MOKARE
Annie Smith, WILSON
Charlie Hick, BAUDIN
Adam Hetherington, CAMFIELD
Chelsea Pearson, MOKARE
Rémy da Silva, WILSON
Colin Ferreira, BAUDIN
Mia Diletti, MOKARE
Jason Le Roux, BAUDIN
Shayla Filipowski, MOKARE
Cameron Tomlinson, BAUDIN
Corey Parker, CAMFIELD
Liam Pretorius, WILSON

Scintillating Science Club

Are you a Year Five or Six student interested in participating in the Term Three Scintillating Science Club? It will be held on a Monday or Thursday afternoon, beginning Week Two of Term Three from 3.20pm to 4.45pm every Monday in JS4 (Mrs Hodgkinson’s classroom). Please see Mrs Hodgkinson for an expression of interest form to apply for a place in this very popular club.

JS 5h 6Year Five H News

This week, Five H had a number of exciting experiences, incorporating inquiry learning through cooking, and working on their first STEM project.

Students applied their fraction knowledge to cook and adapt recipe quantities on Monday, making delicious savoury muffins. They used information about saving and budgeting to calculate ingredient cost and suggested ways to reduce costs, applying knowledge they gained in Business and Economics this term. Thank you to Mrs Triplett for the regular use of the Hospitality room this term.

Five H also embarked on a STEM inquiry learning activity titled Forever Young, whereby they considered the increasing ageing population in Albany and were asked to find a way to minimise the risk of falls. They researched, worked collaboratively, designed, and built a prototype (using only recycled equipment) for elderly people’s use.

Students presented their prototype and used a PowerPoint they created to explain their design. They were required to think big and futuristically, incorporating megatrends research to find a unique solution to a real-world problem.

They really enjoyed their learning and collaborated well. We will definitely be doing more STEM learning and cooking in Semester Two.

JS 5h 1 JS 5h 2


JS 5h 5 JS 5h 4 JS 5h 3 

Mrs Catherine Hodgkinson | Teacher

JS 3 Excursion 8Year Three Excursion

On Tuesday 19 June, Year Three set off on an agricultural excursion as part of their Technologies unit. The class was accompanied by Mrs Ranger, Mr Gugenheim, Mrs Clifford and Miss Coutzer.

At 9.00am it was time for a lengthy bus ride to Ravenhill Dairy that was full of chatter and excitement. The students were greeted by Bonnie Ravenhill and put their boots to good use in the muddy puddles as they made their way into the dairy. Over the next hour, students experienced the life of a dairy farmer from tracking cows, watching them being milked and guessing how much milk one cow could produce. Just when the students didn’t think it could get any better, they got to make their own butter to eat on crackers. The class trip was topped off with a generous gift of flavoured milk and yoghurt before getting on the bus and heading to Denmark Agricultural College.

When the bus arrived in Denmark, it was time for lunch and a stretch of the legs, followed by a tour with Terry, Mia and Kylie. It was amazing to see a robotic dairy entirely run by technology, overseen by a human. Cows were waiting in lines to be milked. Lasers and a camera helped the machine to find the udders, and sensors controlled the flow. There were some curious cows, but not as many as the pen full of calves. After a tour and a pat, it was time to head back to school after an action-packed day.

We are so lucky at Great Southern Grammar to have fantastic relationships with local businesses and institutes and that our students experience such an array of educational opportunities. Thank you to Mr Gugenheim, Denmark Agricultural College and Ravenhill Dairy for a fantastic day.

JS 3 Excursion 7  JS 3 Excursion 5 JS 3 Excursion 4 JS 3 Excursion 3 JS 3 Excursion 2 JS 3 Excursion 1

Mrs Hayley Ranger | Teacher
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