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The Anchor | Term 2 | Week 10 | 30 June 2017
From the Principal

Recent Absence

I have been away from the school for the last 12 days, travelling to Panama in Central America to care for my son, Edward, who had a serious accident which resulted in a collapsed lung. 

His eight-day stay in hospital provided an opportunity for medication attention and recovery. Thank you to staff and parents for their support with my time off to care for Edward.




As communicated earlier today, I wish to congratulate Mr Richard Baird on his appointment as Principal of Casey Grammar from 2018.  Further details can be found in the email sent to parents today.

Student Reports

The end of term brings the opportunity for parents and students to reflect upon the semester’s learning. The semester report provides a clear point during a student’s learning journey to stop and take in teacher feedback. Feedback to students is one of the most effective strategies for promoting further learning. To be most effective, feedback must be timely and must be in a form that encourages effort and that allows learners to see the progress they are making.

Discuss the report with your son or daughter, talking about strengths first before looking at areas that need improvement. Ask for their opinion about how they performed and discuss their concerns. After reports are read and discussed, celebrate your child’s efforts with a special activity or treat. In this way, you will recognise progress and effort. Then discuss resetting academic and personal goals for next semester, which are linked to improving areas of growth.  

Mr Mark Sawle| Principal
From the Deputy Principal

Kingfisher Fair 2017

This year’s Kingfisher Fair held on 6 August features a second-hand goods sale, as well as food stalls, a fashion parade and face painting.

The GSG P&F and Heads of House have agreed on an even distribution for second-hand goods between the Houses. Please see the table below which affords you ample time to clean out your garages, bedrooms and houses to provide toys, sporting goods or other non-electrical, working appliances to donate to GSG to be sold at the Kingfisher Fair. Further details will be released, as will collection points, dates and times. Until then, please hold onto any spare clothes, unused sporting goods, old furniture, books and toys that you want to donate so we can raise valuable funds for the GSG P&F.

It is anticipated that the school will set up drop-off zones by House during Weeks One to Three of Term Three.

Baudin House   Baudin Burgers and drinks
Camfield House

  Fashion Parade
  Second-hand clothing and vintage clothing

Mokare House

  Trash and Treasure
  Second-hand furniture/books/toys  

Wilson House  

  Face Painting
  Second-hand sporting goods  

Mr Richard Baird | Deputy Principal
From the Director of Teaching and Learning

By now you will have received your child’s report, outlining his or her progress and achievement during the first half of this year.

It is important to note that the report provides information about what your child has learnt so far and, more importantly, what she or he can do to make the most of their learning opportunities between now and the end of the year.

Pay attention not only to the grade your child receives but also consider the teacher’s feedback about your child’s learning habits as these can have a direct impact on learning.  If your child is not trying to do his or her best, there is perhaps a reason for this. As parents, we can help our children to be more organised (using a diary, checking when assessments are due, ensuring homework is done on time and to a high standard) and talk to our children about strategies for persevering when faced with a challenge.  This may include ideas such as breaking tasks down into smaller parts and asking for help from teachers or friends. For Middle School students, there are Academic Support sessions being run by our Senior Students, which suddenly makes learning cool!

Also pay close attention to the teacher’s comment which will include information about what your child can do well and what, specifically, she or he needs to work on. Make notes about what you might like to discuss with your child’s teacher when you see them at parent teacher interviews. Email your child’s teacher if you need further clarification. Above all, the report is not designed just for parents. It is designed to open up a conversation between teachers, parents and the student about your child’s learning.  

Enjoy the holidays! This is a great time to relax, reflect on the semester and come back to school rejuvenated for Terms Three and Four.

Mrs Emma Franklin | Director of Teaching and Learning
Boarding News

IMG_6604 ResizedAsthma Foundation Award

A number of boarders came together this week wearing their Ride-a-Thon t-shirts to accept a Certificate of Appreciation for raising $735.00 for the Asthma Foundation.

Former GSG Boarding Captain, James Gonzales, who instigated the Ride-a-Thon, was on hand to congratulate the riders.

Mr Peter Colgate | Head of Boarding
Middle School News

 From the Head of Middle School

I wish all students and families an enjoyable holiday. It is a good time to reflect on all of your achievements throughout the semester and a time to set goals for the second half of the year.

Reports will be released on MyGSG and I encourage families to sit together and go over them, looking not just at grades but also the comments. Our staff take a lot of care when writing report comments in order to provide valuable feedback. You may pick up some common themes that can then be used to help you improve next semester. Homeroom teachers will spend some time doing goal-setting early next term.

I look forward to seeing everyone refreshed and raring to go next term. 

Mr Adam Scott | Head of Middle School
Junior School News

From the Head of Junior School

In a bustling society driven by technology and to-do lists, we tend to define our successes by how hard we work, how much we practise or how hard we train. Every one of our personal successes are highly diverse.

One of many things that areas of success have in common is that they do not achieve themselves. Realistically, if progress were so easy, we would not be tested in the ways we are throughout these long journeys that sometimes feel like a lifetime. They require our full attention and our dedication to even the smallest of details and continuous persistence.

As today marks the end of a term full of personal success, determination and building resilience, I encourage you to enjoy some schedule-free time with your children to make memories, build on family traditions and enjoy both planned and unplanned time together.

Building memories with your child provides them with a solid foundation, a safety net and security to attempt challenging future experiences. The times you share will become your family blanket in years to come. I use the analogy of a blanket because the memories, sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, but always filled with love, will cover your child and provide warmth during times of need.

It is not ‘stuff’ that our children need! Children, including teenagers, need time and attention from their parents. We can become so anxious to raise ‘successful’ children that we sometimes overlook the importance of spending time and interacting with them on a personal level. Spending time with our children goes beyond rushing them to and from extracurricular activities or supervising homework. Time interacting with our children means spending time fully engaged in an activity with them. The benefits of this time together are multiple:

  • Children feel important and loved
  • Children have the opportunity to learn appropriate behaviour and manners from their parents
  • Children have the opportunity to voice their thoughts and feelings
  • Parents get to know their child’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Families develop a strong connection, sense of belonging and bond.

Activities that promote happy and healthy children are innumerable and do not have to be expensive. The important factor is that our children have our full attention. Below are some ideas you may like to try with your child over the school holidays:

  • Cooking together
  • Craft activities
  • Board games
  • Card games
  • Hiking
  • Beach walks
  • Picnics
  • Cycling

Family time should a be fun and enjoyable way to develop children that love and feel loved. Our children will know that they matter and this, in turn, will help them develop resilience.

I wish you all a safe holiday filled with memory-making and family time. I look forward to welcoming you back on Tuesday 18 July for Term Three.

Ms Suzanne Youens | Head of Junior School

Interhouse Quiz         

Today was the final House event for the first semester, the Interhouse Quiz. This is a fun event where the leaders create a set of questions on a variety of topics for Junior School Students to answer. All students from each house are placed in three mixed teams of students in Year Three to Six.

A lot of fun was had by all and it was a fitting end to what has been a busy, yet successful, term. Congratulations to Mokare for winning this year’s competition

The final results were as follows:

  1. Mokare
  2. Camfield
  3. Wilson
  4. Baudin

I extend my thanks to the leaders for creating such fun and exciting questions. Next term we will continue to develop the House competition with the inclusion of House Chess and Drama to add to two afternoons of House Sport.

Mr Paul Osborne | Assistant Head of Junior School

School Holiday Fun

The school holidays are now upon us. The students have had a wonderful term and are looking forward to a well-earned rest. However, after the excitement wears off after a few days, many parents are hearing “I’m bored” or “I have nothing to do” from their children. So, to try and assist you, I have come up with 50 fun holiday activities that you can get your child/children to do to keep them busily entertained and having fun. Some are even educational!

  1. Build a cubby outside or inside (sheets are fantastic for this!)
  2. Climb trees
  3. Set up a camp in your lounge room or camp outside
  4. Invent a game that lasts for two days
  5. Go to the beach and have fun swimming, surfing, building castles, collecting shells
  6. Play in the bush
  7. Visit a national park. There are lots of amazing secret spots in Albany
  8. Play in the rain
  9. Go fishing or catch some crabs
  10. Make a mud kitchen
  11. Grow a new plant. Vegetable or herb gardens are great!
  12. Cook something new. You can even open a ‘café’ in your kitchen
  13. Have a cupcake decorating competition with your family
  14. Make a book from scratch
  15. Have a craft day
  16. Make a home movie or show (there are great apps for this)
  17. Have a bug hug in the backyard and create a special habitat for them
  18. Teach your pets new tricks
  19. Make an ant farm
  20. Create a new dance to a song you love and record it
  21. Go geocaching
  22. Make an inside obstacle course with cushions, pillows, boxes, chairs and blankets
  23. Play dress ups and do a play. A fashion parade is always fun, too
  24. Make a themed play space: in a large rectangle bucket or tray create your own play scene. For example: use a smaller container (like an empty margarine container) filled with water, and in the rectangle bucket place rocks, small twigs, bark or sticks from trees for an outdoor scene
  25. Create a magical fairy garden
  26. Go on a colour hunt in your house. Collect objects of a certain colour and take a picture of your findings to make a collage
  27. Buy a notebook and create a school holiday diary (or draw pictures/take photographs every day for young children)
  28. Make fruit/vegetable sculptures
  29. Write a letter to someone (a great way to score points with the grandparents)
  30. Fly a kite – you can even make it, first!
  31. Have a picnic (indoors or outdoors)
  32. Make an outside obstacle course
  33. Blow bubbles using homemade bubble mixture and an old wire coat hanger for your wand
  34. Do an outside treasure hunt (be sure to make a map)
  35. Design and make a mask
  36. Collect flowers and press them inside a book between baking paper
  37. Colour-in: print a variety of colouring-in sheets online, or learn to face paint
  38. Make a robot, car, plane etc out of cardboard boxes
  39. Be crafty at home: knit, paper craft, play dough, cooking or painting
  40. Make a beauty salon at home with nail painting, massages etc
  41. Make boats out of milk bottle lids, a straw (for the mast), paper (for the sail) and blue-tack to stick the sail on to the boat. Then race them!
  42. Make sock puppets by gluing wool on the top of an old sock and using a permanent marker to draw eyes, nose and a mouth. Set up a puppet theatre
  43. Visit a library
  44. Look out for butterflies and birds for a day and take photographs to record what you saw (find a book to assist you)
  45. Look at the stars and find constellations (use a book to assist you)
  46. Have a movie night. You can make your own popcorn cups by making a cone shape with a piece of paper and taping it together
  47. Play board/card games like Monopoly, Pictionary, Snap, Hungry Hippo, Scategories etc
  48. Lie on the grass and watch the clouds. See if you can make pictures in the sky
  49. Have snail races
  50. Have rest time where everyone plays quiet games such as reading or puzzles on their own bed

We would wish all Early Childhood and Junior School families a very safe and happy holiday. We look forward to hearing about all of the children’s holiday adventures when we begin Term Three. 

Miss Claire Hard | ECC Coordinator
Whole of School News

Library News

Library booksBook Sharing

In the Library this week the Year Nine students had fun reading to the TwoB class. The Year Two students chose a book for the older students to read and found a comfortable spot within the Library to share their books.

There were happy, smiling faces all round and a few new friendships made. It was great to see the Year Nine students reading books that they probably read when they were in Year Two!

Author Visit

Author and GSG parent, Mrs Sian Turner, visited the Library this week to share her stories with the Kindergarten class. She read her picture book Beyond Our Garden Gate with the help of her son, Henry. Sian also show the children a book trailer of the book that was filmed in the family’s garden. The children also played the part of characters in other stories that Sian has written. The most amusing story had Mrs Bell acting the part of a cow who got stuck going through a hole in a fence and brought the whole fence down! Thank you very much, Sian, for sharing your time and making the Library session such an exciting one.


Bookclub will be ready to deliver to students at the beginning of Term Three.

Southern Sea of Words Children’s Literature Festival

Our annual Children’s Literature Festival will be held next term at the beginning of Week Four, which coincides with Book Week. The first day of the Festival will be on the Sunday of the Kingfisher Fair on 6 August. Five authors will visit to run workshops open to the Albany and surrounding communities. Bookings for the workshops will open in Week One of next term. Please email karen.bradbury@gsg.wa.edu.au with any enquiries.

Mrs Karen Bradbury | Head of Library Services

Netball Raffle Tickets

All outstanding netball raffle tickets are now overdue. Please return them to the school, sold or unsold, in the school holidays.

_MG_6471alt ResizedDebating News

During Term Two we were given the opportunity to try debating as part of the West Australian Debating League (WADL). Every two weeks we would go to St Joseph's College and debate against other teams in the Novice Division. It has been an incredibly interesting and fulfilling experience that we are hoping to try again soon.

Lilo quickly found her place as a third speaker with her instant, strong rebuttals, influenced by the fact that she enjoyed not having to slave over writing a longer speech throughout the week. Didi and Rani decided they didn't like rebutting as much as Lilo; they were very strong as first and second speaker. Their speeches were always well prepared with lots of well researched points. After trying out all the different parts, Mia found she liked constructing points and rebutting the opposition’s case and so was happy in any speaker position.

When asked why we chose to do debating, Lilo said it was because she had previously done it in class at her old school and really enjoyed it. Rani's answer was, “I chose to debating because I wanted to get more confident speaking in front of people and because I thought it would be fun.”

Didi said she did it because she likes arguing, but wanted to learn how to structure her speech.

Mia said, “I wanted to become more confident with public speaking. I had always watched debates and when WADL came up I saw it as a good opportunity. Choosing to do it has really paid off.”

Debating has taught us so many things. We learnt resilience when we came across a tricky argument. It has taught us teamwork, as we had to use it all the time to make sure all our arguments fitted together and everyone knew what they were doing. We learnt lots of writing skills as we worked on our debates throughout the week.

We all loved having the opportunity to try debating in a really great competition and highly recommend it to anyone else interested in the topic.

Mia Hawke, Didi Cusack, Rani Coghlan and Lilo Mehta | GSG 1

School Holiday Enrichment

The school holidays can often turn into an endless cycle of “I’m bored” comments, coupled with a messy house and repeats of mindless TV shows. Hopefully, I have a solution for that. These holidays why not access the myriad of learning opportunities available both in our town, as well as online.

The Albany Maritime Museum will be showcasing The Museum of ImPossible Things, an excellent opportunity to discover mythical creatures and legends from the past.

Story Playground at the Albany Library will see Nature Play Designs, NAIDOC storytime and an opportunity to meet local author, Ms Dianne Wolfer. Further information can be found on their websites.

The City of Albany is conducting Active Art on Monday July 10 for seven to 12-year-olds. It is intertwining of movement and art to create an array of masterpieces. Registrations for the event can be done via the Albany Aquatic and Leisure Centre (ALAC). The City is also offering an immersive art space called Creatures of the Deep, perfect for two to 12-year-olds, beginning on July 1. More information can be found via their Facebook page.

Online Mensa for Kids is full of ideas to keep your children entertained and learning. They can play games, enrol in courses focused on Mathematics or English, and watch TED talks about a variety of topics. You can also sign up for their Bright newsletter, a monthly subscription full of games, puzzles, activities and facts aimed at children between six and 10 years. Further details can be found on their website: www.mensaforkids.org

National Geographic Kids (visit: www.natgeokids.com.au) is full of learning experiences for children across a variety of ages. There are a multitude of games and competitions, along with fact sheets that can be tailored to your child’s interests via the totem that appears when you enter the site.

And never forget the worlds of Instagram and Pinterest, which are full of innovative projects to keep your child entertained for hours. Some personal favourites of mine to follow on Instagram are @crazydayswith2, conducting fantastic activities with lower primary-aged children, @oursensorykids, focusing on sensory development, and @earlylearning101, featuring a new topic of learning each week.

I must also suggest you follow Art Teacher Life on Facebook. This was my Year Five teacher who now has thousands of followers keeping up with the amazing art her students complete. It definitely holds some inspiration for the upcoming break.

Hopefully these suggestions will offer many ways to keep your child engaged and learning these school holidays.

Ms Angelina Ross | Learning Enrichment Coordinator

Change of Details

Parents are reminded that a term’s notice for day students, in writing to the Principal, is required prior to the withdrawal of a student from the school. If such notice is not given, a half term’s fee in lieu of notice will be charged. For boarding students, two terms notice is required and if such notice is not given a full terms fee in lieu of notice will be charged.

Mrs Julia Bairstow | Registrar

Regional Bus Service Changes 

Please note that, as of close of business Friday 30 June 2017, Loves Bus Service will no longer be operating the Albany Regional Town Bus Service (green and silver). All enquiries regarding routes and timetables should be directed to Swan Transit who have been awarded the new contract.

Loves will continue to operate the Contract Bus Services that we have as per usual (orange buses) and also continuing school specials/excursions.

Arts News

Emma Luxton 2017 Sundowner Resized

Music Matters

Café Jamm

Last week was the Winter Café Jamm in the Hall and it was a complete sell-out, as usual.

The Year Eleven and Twelve VET Music, Business and Hospitality students ran a thoroughly professional and enjoyable evening for the audience. Several students sang or performed for the first time and all students can be proud of their efforts. It was particularly lovely to see the Year Twelve students supporting each other and applauding the efforts and achievements of their friends. They are a very close and loyal group of music students. Thanks to Mr Fowler, Mr Waldeck, Mrs McAllister and Mrs Ferreira for their efforts with the VET students.

*IMG_2560 Resized *IMG_2577 Resized *IMG_2610 Resized *IMG_2735 Resized

Albany flyer 2017(1)[3]_Page_1 ResizedAUSTA WA Albany Festival

String and cello students, in particular, stay tuned for a wonderful AUSTA event. AUSTA WA Albany Festival of Strings is being held in August by visiting cellist, Mr Michael Goldshlager. Mr Goldshlager will work with our senior cello students in a masterclass here at school. All cellists will be encouraged to attend the Sunday cello session for Cello Ensemble.  Please note that bookings are required and the closing date is 23 July. Please click here to book.

A reminder to all students that ensemble rehearsals commence in Week One and on the first day of term, with the exception of Senior Strings and the Violettes. These ensembles will not rehearse in Week One.

Art Focus Day

Thank you to Ms Mordy for all her work with Art Focus Day for the Year Eight students. This is a wonderful experience every year.

Ms Emma Luxton | Head of the Arts, Director of Music


IMG_3310 ResizedArt Focus Day

This week we welcomed 10 artists into the school to give various workshops to Year Eight students on our annual Art Focus Day.

Students made ceramic sea sculptures with Mr Nathan Bray, while mosaic tiles disappeared home from a workshop with Ms Lois Drygon. There was a lot of fun eco-dyeing with Ms Janine McCrum as students left with some very colourful t-shirts and beautifully dyed paper. Not a sound was heard for two hours in Mr David Edgar’s oil painting workshop: students were mesmerised by the magic of painting. Mr Rob Ainsworth taught students how to draw a range of expressive faces in his cartooning session and Ms Jill O’Meehan taught students how to crochet, helping them to create some interesting pieces! Ms Nikki Green helped students to use lino-printing techniques to make delicate artworks, while painter Ms Kirsten Sivyer used fascinating colour theory techniques to assist students to paint some engaging, colourful canvases. Ms Michelle Frantom introduced her group to matte collage; a technique in photoshop use to combine a number of photos into one. A very nifty technique! Photographer Ms Carol Duncan showed students how to use Photoshop to put themselves into new landscapes creating some seemingly impossible scenarios.

It was a lovely and inspiring afternoon and I thank the artists who gave their expertise to our students.

The Year Eight Digital Art class, and SevenB and SevenD Visual Arts classes have also been very busy with Mrs Duff. They have created amazing ‘artefacts’ that are on display at the Great Southern Museum in the Museum of ImPossible Things. The exhibition opens this weekend so go along and have a look! It is also open throughout the school holidays and during Term Three. 

Ms Rachel Mordy | Visual Arts Coordinator
From the Chaplain

Rod Marsh ResizedBuild on the Rock

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only one who does the will of my Father in heaven…

“Everyone then who hears these words of mine and acts on them will be like a wise man who built his house on rock… And everyone who hears these words of mine and does not act on them will be like a foolish man who built his house on sand.”  (Jesus)

At our recent Foundation Day Assembly, the Chair of Trustees, the Honourable Justice John Gilmour, spoke about the history of the foundation of the school. He emphasised that the founders wished every generation of students at Great Southern Grammar, having heard the words of Jesus, to incorporate them into their lives so they would become citizens of integrity who knew how to serve. He urged us all to build our lives on a ‘firm foundation,’ which means building on the words of Jesus.

The words of Jesus, to which Justice Gilmour referred, are found in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. They are some of the most influential words ever spoken. The Beatitudes, Salt of the Earth, Light of the World, Lamp Under a Bushel, the Real Origin of Murder and Adultery, Oaths forbidden, Love your Enemies, Prayer, Fasting and Giving to the Poor, Treasure in Heaven, Do not Worry, The Splinter and the Plank, The Tree and its Fruit and Wise and Foolish Builders are some famous parts of the Jesus’ teaching collected in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7).

These collected words of Jesus contain much that was new and revolutionary in Jesus’ time. Loving family and friends OK, but whoever heard of 'loving your enemies'?

The ‘Jesus lifestyle’ lies at the heart of a Christian life and Jesus’ words at the end of the Sermon on the Mount emphasise that it is the ‘doing’ of his words that forms the entrance criteria for his/God’s Kingdom. Perhaps it was the fierce, inner demands of Jesus’ words that prompted GK Chesterton to comment, “Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried.”

But try we must, and show by the way we treat children and one another that loving others is the fulfilment of the God’s law to love God and our neighbour. We will try but we also know we will fail and our ignorance and selfishness will often cause us to neither empathise with others, nor show compassion to them. That is why the demands of Jesus’ words are also accompanied by his words to us of forgiveness and understanding.

In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus taught us that we should pray for and seek the kingdom and forgive others and then “all these things” (our daily bread) will come along and we will receive the forgiveness we offer others.

To encourage our students to build their lives on the words of Jesus so they may become “citizens of integrity who know how to serve” (Gilmour) is a worthy heritage to pass on to all students who attend this school. But that needs your commitment to achieve this worthy goal. Does Jesus have that?

“At the end of our lives we shall be judged not by what we have said but how well we have loved,” (John of the Cross, Augustine).

Rev Rodney Marsh | Chaplain
P&F News

P&F Pres Dean Fasolo ResizedAs Mr Baird mentioned above, this year’s Kingfisher Fair sees our Senior School students running market stalls for second-hand goods, including clothing, sporting goods and furniture.

Anything that is in good condition and can be passed on to a good home can be donated. Further information in regard to drop off/collection areas will be sent out in Term Three but, in the meantime, start gathering your unwanted items and help support this great recycling initiative.

Mr Dean Fasolo | P&F President
For Your Diary

diary Monday 17 July

  • Pupil-Free Day



Tuesday 18 July to Friday 28 July

  • ECC & JS Parent Interviews, 3.30pm – 5.30pm


Tuesday 18 July

  • Term Three Commences for all students
  • Year Twelve TISC visit, 10.15am – 11.00am, Hall


Wednesday 19 July

  • WA Debating League Semifinal, 6.30pm, St Joseph’s College


Friday 21 July

  • Junior School Chapel, 2.15pm


Coming Soon

Saturday 18 November

  • Golf Day
Canteen News

Canteen 1Canteen 2

Term Three, Week One Canteen Specials

  • Hot Drink: Deluxe Milo with marshmallows
  • Smoothie
  • Muffin: Cherry Ripe with dark chocolate chunks, juicy cherries and sweet coconut
  • Soup: Chicken and sweetcorn. Chicken breast, corn kernels and bacon, served with a dinner roll. Allergy alert: contains soy, egg, gluten (soy sauce)
  • Special: One-pot chilli con carne served with basmati rice, fresh salsa and sour cream. Allergy alert: contains dairy (sour cream)
Mrs Christina Tebbutt | Canteen Manager
Community News

This week’s community news




Saltbush features onstage at the Albany Entertainment Centre on Tuesday 18 July at 10.30am and 6.00pm. An interactive experience for children aged four to 12 years of age, Saltbush is produced by an ensemble of Indigenous artists in collaboration with Insite Arts and the internationally acclaimed Italian company, Compagnia TPO. Saltbush takes children on an incredible journey of sight and sound through the Australian landscape. For more information, please visit here

School Holiday Tennis Camp

For information about a school holiday Tennis Camp run by the Albany Tennis Academy from 3-5 July, please visit here

Dance the Holidays Away

Dance the holidays away with Southern Edge Arts holiday dance programme. For more information, please visit here

Claremont Tigers Masterclass

For information about a Claremont Tigers Masterclass Great Southern Clinic held on Thursday 6 July, please visit here

Albany ATAR Revision Seminars

For information about ATAR Revision Seminars held in July and August at UWA Albany, please visit here

Barefeet Kids Fun Group

For information about the Barefeet Kids Fun Group run by Sustainable Motion in Term Three, please visit here

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