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The Anchor | Term 4 | Week 2 | 19 October 2018
From the Principal

Valedictory Events

This week we farewelled our Year Twelve students with a range of Valedictory events befitting their departure from the school, before their return for exams.

The Boarders’ Valedictory Dinner was an intimate affair attended by the Year Twelve boarders and their families on Tuesday evening, followed by a Valedictory Chapel Service on Wednesday held at the Uniting Church in Albany, after which the Valedictory Evening at the AEC was celebrated. On Thursday, the Valedictory Graduation Award Ceremony was held here on campus, after which Year Twelve students and their families gathered over morning tea to say their thank yous and farewells. I thank the Class of 2018 and their families for the committed service to the school and their tremendous participation in school life. I wish them all the best in their exams and their future endeavours and look forward to meeting with them as alumni of the school in the future.

Please enjoy the selection of event photographs below. Many more full resolution photographs will be made available to parents soon. Keep an eye on the Anchor newsletter for details.

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Valedictory Chapel Service

At the Year Twelve Valedictory Chapel Service on Wednesday, Melinda Gibson delivered a reflection on behalf of the students. I share part of this reflection with you.

“Our school is different from other schools because we stand by and promote values that are inherently Christian. Our school is led in love, kindness and service — values that Jesus demonstrated when He was on earth. Our teachers serve us in love, the Heads of House serve us in love, and the Heads of Sub Schools serve us in love. By being on the receiving end of this unconditional service, we learn how to reciprocate the same actions. In other words, we know the effects it has on us and how it benefits us and so we have the privilege of serving someone else in the same way. Jesus didn’t think of himself first. He genuinely lived to serve others — not so people thought well of him, but because there’s no other way for us to be changed than by having been loved by someone else first. Jesus came to serve, and not to be served. This, then, is how we should also live. Serving one another joyfully in love and not doing so to gain praise from others, but doing so because it is what we are asked to do. Being students at GSG has encouraged us to do this and act in this way.  

In Galatians, Chapter Five Verse 13 reads: ‘You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love.’ In a days’ time, we are ‘free’ from the boundaries and guidance of formal schooling. Free to wear what we want, study what we want, grow whatever length beard we want, add that extra layer of mascara, loosen our ties, untuck our shirts and wear odd socks. We are free, to an extent, to make our own decisions, whether sensible or regrettable, mature or immature, good or bad. It is solely up to us to decide who we are going to be, what we’re going to stand for and what, or who, we’re going to follow. Why not use this freedom to do good? We are always going to make mistakes and get things wrong, but if we trust fully in Jesus, empowered by his perfect love and service, we will be free. Let us take the advice in Paul’s letter to the Galatians and serve others in love. Selflessly offer yourself to others, serving them in a way that is beneficial and sensible. Stand up for something that is true, follow what is good and be a person that is worth looking up to and admiring.”

2019 Student Leaders

At the Graduation Award ceremony, the 2019 Student Leaders were announced, as follows. The induction ceremony will be held during Week Two of Term One, 2019.

Head Boy: Samuel O'Dea
Head Girl: Bridget Mason
Boarding Captains: Levi Cosh, Isabella Cristinelli
Baudin House Captains: Evie Dupuy, Marshall Trahair
Camfield House Captains: Sarah Hearle, Ezra-James Marques
Mokare House Captain: Fenn Forrester, Grace Witham
Wilson House Captain: Jodie Taylor, Robert Winyard
Arts Captain: Madelyn Marsh, James Swanepoel
Sport Captains: Jorja Williamson, Blair Watson
Communication Prefect: Lexie Duncan-Phillips
Community Prefect: Olivia Miller
Environment Prefect: Amber Williams
Prefect Support: Taylor Pocock
Service Prefect: Molly Baker
Subschool Liaison Prefect: Samuel Freeman

GSG in the Community

Over coming weeks, the Community Relations and Boarding teams will engage with our regional families at two events, the Kojonup Agricultural Show on 20 October and the Katanning Agricultural Show on 27 October. I invite families attending the shows to call in to visit our stand and to encourage friends and family members to do so. We love to catch up with the extended GSG family and this is a great opportunity to meet staff one-on-one and learn about new initiatives and school news.

CCTV Security Cameras

For the wellbeing of students and the security of the campus, the school has installed security cameras (CCTV) for perimeter surveillance. With 132 boarders living onsite, we are required to provide a secure, safe residential boarding precinct and the security cameras will assist us in achieving this goal. There will be limited access to the CCTV vision, which will be selectively viewed. Signage is being prepared now to advise all visitors to the campus, and procedures are being finalised. Under no circumstances will surveillance information be passed to third parties, including school staff or contractors. In the event of an incident, the WA Police and the Education Department are informed.

Mr Mark Sawle | Principal
From the Deputy Principal


We are very pleased to announce new appointments for 2019 as part of our Gap Year employment opportunities.

Dustin Wheeler will take on the role of Gap Grounds Assistant, Ethan Watson will join the Physical Education and Sport Team in the Sports Assistant role, and Alkira Miller will join our boarding team as a Gap Assistant whilst undertaking a traineeship and completing her Certificate III in Community Services.  We wish them all the best and look forward to working with them next year.


Thank you to all of our community members who joined our celebrations this week to farewell our Year Twelve students. It was heart-warming to see the assembly full of smiling faces wishing the Class of 2018 well for the next steps in their journeys. These events are such a special way to connect with one another and celebrate what is great about our school.


As we go about the busyness of Term Four, I encourage you to keep in touch with us if you have any feedback about the school and the experience of your child.  I have just had the pleasure of receiving all sorts of wonderful compliments about the staff and the school as the Year Twelves head off, but I know there is always room to improve. Please don’t hesitate to make at time to see me if you have any feedback.  

Mrs Emma Franklin | Deputy Principal
From the Chaplain

Rod Marsh Resized

From the Chaplain

Below is the text of my sermon at the inaugural Valedictory Chapel service held at the Wesley Church on Wednesday 17 October 2018.

My comments were based on Jesus' advice to the rich, young ruler: “There is one thing you still need to do. Go and sell everything you own! Give the money to the poor, and you will have riches in heaven. Then come and be my follower.” 

When the man heard this, he was sad, because he was very rich.

Valedicts, tonight is a threshold for you. By Friday, you will have left school and passed over an important threshold on your path from childhood to adulthood. Now, tonight, meanings from your past and visions from your future are flowing together to create a confluence of significance for you. Tonight is a time to decide: Who am I to become?

Your birth was a threshold, like this. For every one of you at the moment of your birth, someone entirely new came into the world. At the moment of your birth, an infinite silence was present, an unseen, bright light shone and goodness and beauty enveloped on you. For you, in the whole history of humanity, there have been no eyes so filled with love as those of your mother when she first held you and looked into your eyes. It’s true! She holds this memory forever in her heart. For some of you, your parents are with you here tonight. If they are not here in body, remember that they are here in spirit and are here to tell you: You have always been precious to me and you still are precious to me. Be thankful.

Tonight, you are truly blessed, because you have the opportunity to consciously reflect about your life as you step over this threshold on your way to becoming a woman or man.

Things to reflect upon as you step across this threshold:

Look back and breathe in. Irish philosopher, priest and poet, John O’Donahue, reflected on this memory from his childhood, “Always, when my father left home to go to work in the fields or town, the last thing he did as he walked out the door was to turn back toward us in the kitchen and inhale a full, explicit breath… It seems that what he was doing as he left was inhaling the spirit of his loved ones to nourish and protect his journey, coming back to take for himself a blessing breath.” (John O’Donahue, pp194).

As you step over this threshold, pause, look back, breathe in. Do it now. Close your eyes, imagine your home, move toward the door. Open the door. Now stop, turn around, look at where you have come from. Look at who has been with you. Take a deep breath. Absorb love and strength, for you will need these on your journey. Now turn and step over the threshold. Open your eyes.

On Friday, after crossing over tonight’s threshold, you will carry with you an emptiness for you have left behind a secure familiarity. You will carry with you a loneliness, for you have left those who you love and who love you. For a while after you have passed over this threshold, uncertainty will be your companion and you will need patience to wait for the deeper meaning of your life to surface. However, on Friday you will also carry with you a renewed strength given to you by those whose love has sustained you thus far, so keep on living forward into your life. If you live forward, true to yourself, your confusion and fear will give way to a deep-down confidence and a secure tenderness. These will open pathways for you and reveal deep inner potentials.

Kierkegaard wrote, “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” Tonight, you can decide to live forwards. Will you? The young man in the story Mrs Franklin read is the single person recorded in the Gospels who met Jesus and went away sad. He had reached his twin goals of power and wealth at an early age. Yet he was dissatisfied with his life. He asked Jesus, “What must I do to find real, genuine, true life?” At this threshold moment, Jesus offered him a choice. Jesus told him that to obtain the "real life" he needed to do three things; sell everything, give to the poor, follow him. Fear and selfishness gripped him and he chose not to live forward and follow Jesus. He went away sad.

A closed fist precedes the opening of a hand. If the hand is always closed, the hand is crippled. In order to fly, “a bird needs to close and open its wings and fly” (Rumi). So, your soul. From tonight, the important question for you to ask yourself is: Will I live forward with open hands and an open heart?

Over the last couple of years, you have spent much time and effort asking and answering an important question: What am I going to do with my life?This question will accompany you for several more years to come. Different questions will be your companions throughout your life: Who am I becoming? Am I becoming the person I want to be? These are ‘being’ questions rather than ‘doing’ questions. ‘Being’ questions surface at threshold moments in your life, like tonight. Your first romantic attachment; your first job; getting married; the birth of children; and growing older are thresholds (getting drunk, isn’t). At these times, the questions: Who am I becoming? Am I the person I want to be? will demand your attention, welcomed or not.

At these times, remember the lesson of the young man challenged by Jesus. Jesus offered him the opportunity open his hands and his heart and live forward with generosity and openness. He chose, instead, to keep his fists tightly closed around what he had and, in so doing, he remained a prisoner of fear and selfishness. It always takes courage and faith to live forward.

As you face tonight’s threshold, I challenge you. Will you open your hands and your heart and live forward to follow Jesus? Will you choose to become that woman/that man who is growing a gentle, generous, listening, still heart? Will you choose to become that man/that woman who has the courage, tenderness and strength to serve in love? Will you choose to live forward with Jesus?”

If you choose to live forward and follow Jesus, you will discover your true self as the beloved child of God you are. Then joy, peace and love will be your constant companions, whatever life throws at you.

Mr Rod Marsh | Chaplain
Boarding News

Boarding News

This week has seen the celebrations of our graduating Class of 2018. It is a time for reflection and a strange mixture of sadness at what is being left behind combined with eager optimism of what may lay ahead.

I expect families of graduating boarders celebrated this milestone at a deeper level than most. The senior boarding houses become the extended home for these students and saying goodbye to school is like saying goodbye to family.

The Boarder’s Valedictory Dinner held this week brought this into focus when boarding families and staff came together to share a meal and reminisce about their boarding years.

Mrs Anita Penny (mother of Thomas) and Mr Andrew Bradshaw (father of Claire) provided the parent perspective. Anita summed up the experience well when she described the senior house as a “band of brothers, not defined by distance.” The emotions around their departure from school this week certainly lend support to this claim. Andrew gave us a father’s perspective; a role that included carting all the essentials needed in boarding to and from home. Some of the essentials are the school bags “loaded with bricks” and the bundles of op shop clothing that seem to accumulate through the school term. Thank you for your wonderful insights.

We were lucky to host a guest speaker on the night, Mr Sam Goodall, a finalist in Australia Ninja Warrior, local farmer and 'tradie.' Sam spoke about his life’s challenges and his search for answers that led him to a number of tips for life. His advice struck a chord with our valedicts: appreciate family, don’t whinge, try hard and never give up. 

Special thanks to Mrs Angela Ferreira for her work in putting the night together, Mr Brett Tompkin for his assistance in running the technology on the night, Mrs Wendy Triplett and the Year Eleven Hospitality class for their excellent service, Mrs Dianne Franzinelli for all of her essential work in the background and Chefs Nick Harvey and Jaydn Steele for the delicious meal enjoyed by all.

IMG_7310 Resized IMG_7367 Resized IMG_7370 Resized

Mr Brendan Goggins | Head of Boarding
Senior School News

1Valedictory Dive

Wednesday morning saw the inaugural Valedictory SCUBA Dive as a farewell for our Year Twelve Students.

We were greeted with stunning Albany weather and headed to little beach for the Year Twelve students' final SCUBA Dive. We wish all of our graduating divers the very best and look forward to hearing of their underwater adventures in the years to come.

Mr Ian Robson | SSI Open Water Instructor
Ms Bea Pritchard | SSI Master Diver
Mrs Sue Osborne | Dive PADI Rescue Diver
Junior School News

Year Five Camp

Last week, the Year Five students visited Camp Quaranup for the much anticipated Year Five camp.

The weather was amazing and the children approached all activities with enthusiasm and determination. Activities ranged from raft-building and floating to archery, rogaining, hiking to Point Possession and a Talent Show, as well as team-building tasks such as a fashion show with clothes created from recycled materials, stalk the lantern, balloon games and the very popular girls vs boys footy game! The food was magnificent and, for some students, this was the highlight of the camp.

Thank you to Mr Berryman, Mrs Youens and Lin Laoshi for attending the camp and to Mr Osborne, Mrs Sounness and Mr Marsh for attending parts of it. We loved sharing our experiences with you. We specially mention the delightful experiences that the girls had with Lin Laoshi, who participated in the activities with such energy and happiness.

Here are some of Year Five's favourite experiences:

“Rafting was so funny! We started with 15 ropes, six oil containers, a fire stick and a crate. Morgan, Shiloh, Sophie and I came first. We had the fire stick in one of the containers, then I put my hand on it and got oil on me. Mr Berryman was laughing as my hand was soggy!” Poet Smargiassi

“Boys versus girls footy was really fun because there were no arguments. Everyone played and even the people who don’t play footy played." Harry Leov

“The rogaining was fun, but tense! In my team were Chelsea, Alex and Oliver… In the end, we found Sophie’s team and none of them had found any plates either, so both teams worked together and we found three plates. We accidentally read the map the wrong way!” Georgia Arnold

“My second favourite thing was jetty jumping. We went to the end of the jetty where we were racing our rafts.” Nick O’Malley

“At night, we played stalk the lantern, which is a fun game because it involves running, smartness and hiding. I was so close the first time! I leapt for the lantern and almost got there, but Mrs Gouldthorp spotted me!” Peter Smit

“It was great fun and tasty at Camp Quaranup and I enjoyed it all. If I ever get another chance, I would thank the people who ran and organised the camp.” Max Roots

“The day we arrived (Wednesday) we went on a walk trail to Point Possession. I loved it so much because of the bush. Firstly, we went down a short gravel track to get to the beach looking at the harbour. Jelly-like blobs were scattered along the entire length of the beach! Lots of people were picking them up and throwing blobs at people. Point Possession was at the top of the rocks. The view was breathtakingly beautiful! You could see the harbour and the ships being loaded up. You could see Camp Quaranup and Emu Point. Everyone stopped there for a rest.” Kaia Tierney

“I think the best parts were probably rogaining and chatting with the boys and girls in the tree.” Kyla King

“Our first activity was a hike to Point Possession. At first, I thought the hike was going to be terribly boring and long but, actually, it was amazing, fun, interesting and had stunning views! Colin Ferriera

“I loved making people laugh at the talent show.” Fraser Syme

“When we were doing rogaining I was put in a group and we all thought we were not going to work well together. When we actually started rogaining we worked really well together and we knew where to go straight away from reading the map!” Demsey Garnett

Mrs Fiona Gouldthorp and Mrs Cath Hodgkinson | Year Five teachers
Whole School News

Whole School News

Melinda Gibson 2017 headshot

From the Communications Captain

Hello! I trust you’ve all had a really great week.

What an amazing time Year Twelve has been and what a privilege to spend it at a school like Great Southern Grammar.

Having the opportunity to write in The Anchor has been so interesting, fun and rewarding. Being able to offer a student’s perspective on school events has been great and has beckoned me to view things in a different light. Thank you for reading these articles and supporting this leadership position. I trust whoever receives the position of Communications Prefect next year will have the same amount of fun I’ve had writing these columns.

GSG is a fantastic school and sending your child here requires a lot of commitment and sacrifice, but it is totally worth it. Our Year Twelve cohort has benefitted so much from our parent’s decision to enrol us and we are so grateful they made that choice. We can’t thank the school enough for the opportunities it has opened to us, the things we have learnt here, including academic and interpersonal skills, and the support it has provided us with. It is sad to leave a place that you’ve known for so long and is so comfortable to be at. Thank you to the GSG community for being a part of an environment that we hold so dear.    

Melinda Gibson | Communications Captain

Tristine SmargiassiUniform Shop News

Blazer fittings for Year Six students have been completed. Blazers are now waiting for collection upon payment at the Uniform Shop.

Mrs Tristine Smargiassi| Uniform Manager
Arts News

A Light Shade of Red Workshop

Today some of our keen dance students enjoyed an interactive workshop with acclaimed choreographer and director, Annette Carmichael, and some of the performers from the production A Light Shade of Red

Students enjoyed learning about the process of choreographing a new work, engaged with the dancers and heard about life as a professional dancer.

A Light Shade of Red will be presented tonight and tomorrow evening in the Albany Entertainment Centre, with tickets still available for the performances.

IMG_7527 Resized IMG_7530 Resized IMG_7541 Resized

Gondwana Choral Programme

Congratulations to the following talented students who have been accepted into the national Gondwana Choirs programme, 2019.  Ruby Fasolo, Isabella Fasolo and Jessica Turner have all been accepted into the programme and will spend two weeks in Sydney in January rehearsing and performing with their various choral groups.

Auditions are held nationally each year and a large number of children auditions for this exciting and sought-after opportunity. Gondwana Choirs comprises the most accomplished choral groups of young people in Australia. The organisation is synonymous with performance excellence and has a reputation for the highest standards of young people’s choral music in Australia and internationally.

AUSTA Albany String Festivals

Strings players are encouraged to get involved in the Albany String Festival presented by AUSTA held in Albany in October. There is a very exciting workshop about going electric which I am sure will have wide appeal for our young, keen students. Please take time to investigate this flyer for further details. Strings players are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity. There are still some places in the workshops and audience members are encouraged to all the events.

For more information, please visit here

Ms Emma Luxton | Head of the Arts, Director of Music
Sport News

sport athletics 2018Senior School Athletics Carnival Results

On Tuesday 16 October, GSG held the Senior School Athletics carnival.

In glorious, sunny weather Baudin, Camfield, Mokare and Wilson competed in a new format for the Athletics House Shield.

Congratulations to Camfield for winning the carnival.

Results can be found via the links below:

Mr Nathan Symonds | Director of Sport 

Middle School Athletics Interhouse Carnival

A reminder about the upcoming Middle School Interhouse Athletics Carnival on Tuesday 30 October.

Students are required to wear their House sport uniform and to bring a hat to be worn throughout the day as well as a water bottle, recess and lunch.

Sunscreen will be available for use and students will be encouraged to reapply it throughout the day. Please note that only four of the six event stations will have shade, so students must be wearing their hats when not competing.

A programme of events will be available under Notices on the Sport page of MyGSG.

For Your Diary


Sunday 21 October

  • Youth Mental Health First Aid for adults, final session, 1.00pm to 4.30pm, SS9


Monday 22 October

  • Year Eight to Eleven Youth Literature Day, Vancouver Arts Centre


Tuesday 23 October

  • Year Six and Seven Young Writers’ Day, Vancouver Arts Centre
  • Interschool Basketball, ALAC, 9.00am to 3.00pm


Thursday 25 October

  • Exploring Dyslexia Parent Forum, Pratten Centre Meeting Room, 2.30pm to 3.10pm


Friday 26 October

  • Year Three to Six Science Day, 9am to 12.30pm
  • Junior School Assembly, 2.15pm
  • ECC and Junior School Disco, Hall, 5.30pm to 7.30pm
Canteen News

Canteendining_hall-2 Resized

Term Four, Week Three Canteen Specials

  • Smoothie: Peach and raspberry blended with apple juice and vanilla yoghurt
  • Muffin: Mango with coconut streusel. Mango chunks with a sweet, crumbly, streusel topping
  • Special: Mini Greek-style quiche served with a Greek salad: Lettuce, cherry tomato, cucumber, red onion, olives and feta
Mrs Christina Tebbutt | Canteen Manager
Community News

This week’s community news

Reclaim the Night

The Albany Family and Domestic Violence Action Group (AFDVAG) is a group of dedicated community members and professionals organising the upcoming Reclaim the Night event, a march and rally held on Friday 26 October at 6.30pm at the Town Square. For more information, click here

Hawthorn House Walk for Alzheimers WA

A walk for Alzheimers will be held on Sunday 21 October at 7.00am. Individuals and groups are welcome to participate in the 4km walk from Middleton Beach to Emu Point. For more information, please visit here

WAAPA Summer School 2018/2019

This Summer, WAAPA at ECU Mt Lawley is offering an exciting performing arts programme for students from Years One to Twelve. The Summer School includes classes in rap, acting, dance, drama, screen performance, music theatre and how to perform Shakespeare. For information about the courses on offer, please visit WAAPA Summer School online or contact Gabrielle Metcalf via g.metcalf@ecu.edu.au

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