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osmad_logoOSMaD is arguably the most successful community theatre company to emerge in Melbourne in the last 10 years.   Audiences now recognise that an OSMaD show guarantees a consistently high standard of theatre performance and production. In this sense OSMaD is a non-professional company producing professional standard theatre.  This is theatre produced by people of all ages who are not only extremely talented but who love what they do – and the outcome of that passion always shows. Our cast and crew is always drawn widely from the amateur theatre community. The catalogue of occupations of those who spend their spare time passionately rehearsing for life on stage is as diverse as the community we draw from.

In the world of websites which support Community theatre the OSMaD website now clearly requires more regular pro-active attention to content and style

The OSMaD website is mainly acting as a link to our ticket booking agency but has also in the past acted as an audition booking portal allowing eager auditionees to register, send details and book a time slot for audition.  However, what the site lacks is a decent display or catalogue of past shows, of awards and particularly some of the brilliant pics we have from those past shows.

So, we are looking for someone in the OSCA world with sufficient interest knowledge and skill to keep our website up to date, informative and exciting.

If you are interested or require further details please contact Richard Beveridge rbevo@bigpond.net.au or the OSCA office.


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